The Weekend

Saturday, August 23, 2014
Terrace in Menorca | Photo via Nuevo Estilo

● Fascinated by the all white interiors by fret about their cleaning process? Houzz has a great round of tips on that matter.
●Find me at Interior Deluxe Lighting talking about combining lighting fixtures in a contemporary living room.
● Gorgeous hand painted bowls.
● Crystal clear diagrams on how to create an art gallery on your wall in 12 different ways.
● Incredible book of color coding way befor pantone even existed (like almost 300 years ago).
● This minimalistic black sconce please. 
● Inspiring journey of a food photographer proves all it takes is hard work and patience.
● Feeling the summer breeze in this beautiful summer house in Ibiza.
Look closer; this art is neither a painting nor a photo.
● One of the prettiest necklaces I've seen in a while.

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Happy weekend, friends :)

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Photo via Nuevo Estilo via Planete Deco.
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