Relaxing with a view

Wednesday, August 27, 2014
Relaxing with a view | Nuevo Estilo

How about spending a few good moments of relaxation on one of these chaises? Would you prefer a tropical or a sea view? In either case, I'm in love with the large openings that bring a great deal of the outdoors inside the house. There is also a deeply calming feeling in both scenes that invites you to grab a fave book and a fresh juice and stay in a blissful serenity as long as possible. Ah, and that is so much needed now!

Relaxing with a view | Laure Joliet

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4 comments on "Relaxing with a view"
  1. Oh man, the things I would do to read a book in EITHER of these spots! So dreamy!

  2. both or gorgeous!!! i'm obsessed with that dark grey chaise with the sea view - gorgeous!!!