Saturday, July 12, 2014

The Weekend

Turquoise infinity pool at Shangri-La Villingili villa in Maldives

● Are you renting this summer? Then you should definitely check out this list by Remodelista.
● This diy after sun lotion recipe looks like bliss (and I bet it smells like heaven too!)
● Ok, this mobile lamp is totally awesome.
● Being in a state of renovating my apartment soon, I totally empathized with this article. After all, I am 30 (and a little more for that matter ;)
● That's interesting; the same woman is photoshopped from various people around the world and the results are worth noting (OMG US!)
● A summer favorite accessory to take with me at the beach.
● We eat a lot of souvlaki around here (obviously) but, if I went to San Francisco one day, I'd love to pay a visit to Souvla for some more.
This reminds me of the cardboard models we made at university. Only this one works as a table lamp too. Cool!
●Love how small yet smartly designed is this kitchen. Some great ideas for small kitchen owners.

Last week: Starting the week with a lustworthy summer home..
● Last week: .. only to end it with a (imaginary) backyard dinner party. Oh, summer!
Back on 2013: These bed mosquito nets will make you feel like a countryside princess.
Back on 2012: It is always about pools, every summer, so much temptation.

Happy weekend, friends :)

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Top image via Vacation Idea.

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