Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Mystique hotel, Santorini + blog update

Amazing caldera views from Mystique hotel, Santorini
Amazing caldera views from Mystique hotel, Santorini

Just for some midweek dream escape, hop over to Grecian Paradise to check out the amazing caldera views of Mystique hotel in Santorini. Prettiest outdoors I've seen in a while ^^

On another note, in a few hours from now, there will be a blog layout update. More on that to follow soon, I'm just asking you to be patient while things move around or stop working for a while :) Thanks!

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  1. So beautiful!! I'd really love to go there.

  2. this is heaven!

    Love your new layout … feels lighter and fresher somehow!

    1. Thank you so much Lisa!
      That was the plan ;)

  3. Hotel and new layout, both beautiful!!!


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