Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Etsy mix of the week

Etsy mix of the week | My Paradissi

Have you noticed that turuoise and light blue look great with a touch of yellow? Actually, the feel a whole more refreshing and cool, just perfect for the summer days (speaking of that, this etsy treasury is totally awesome!). So, while I'm not having an iphone, I really drool over this case and this cutie whale baby blanket makes my heart sing. Would you pick anything from today's list? I'd love to know :)

Shop this collection: 1.Delicate minimal gold triangle ring (RecocoNYC, $14), 2.Turquoise dream iphone case (brittanybass, $36), 3.Aqua and white herringbone portfolio (allisajacobs, $40), 4.One Long Summer typographical print (FayeBradleyShop, $26.14), 5.Swaddle in Blue Whales baby blanket (littlewoolf, $50+), 6.Tiffany blue upcycled soft nubuck ballet flats (thewhiteribbon, $85)

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