Thursday, June 5, 2014

Etsy mix of the week

Etsy mix of the week | Underwater paintings

After sharing this painting in this post a while ago, I just can't get out of my mind the invigorating vibe of the sparkling blue waters and the instant summer coolness it brings. After a typical research on my favorite Etsy I was happy to come across many artists and their works that bring out this exact same feeling; the freedom and freshness of being underwater. Such a great theme to have on the wall these summer months, don't you agree?

Shop this collection: 1.Suspended underwater swimmer giclee art print (atelier28, $16.78+), 2.Silent swimmer art print (scoutcuomo, $35+), 3.Tumbling blue water small print (smilingrobyn, $15), 4.Mid morning light archival print (SamanthaFrench, $195), 5.Dive in, float archival print (SamanthaFrench, $75), 6.Veiled art print (ECraigArt, $38)

P.s. Talking about freshness, my blog has finally a new design! All the credit and thanks goes to Pipdig who they did an incredible work in a totally professional and extra kind way and at a really short time. If you ever consider a blog uplift, I highly recommend you pay a visit to their site. They have some pretty premade templates too! Thanks Pipdig :)

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  1. These paintings are gorgeous! I especially love number 5 and 6.
    And I love the new design! :)


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