The simple outdoors

Thursday, May 8, 2014

The simple outdoors by Norm

Hello dear My Paradissi friends!
Hope you're all doing great, I'm super excited to be posting today on Eleni’s behalf, while she’s having some awesome time away in Mykonos. 
I thought i shouldn't break the tradition, and post something interior - well exterior actually. Not a lot people know, that i actually studied interior and exterior design in college, and even though my love for graphics won, i'm still obsessed with everything architectural. 

The simple outdoors by Norm

Lately, I've been pinning more than often some amazing exteriors on my outdoor board. When my eye caught the styling for the new furniture collection of Norm, i sighed in awe. This outdoor just makes me feel so peaceful. So far we don't have a lovely garden like this, but when we do, I'll do my best to style it just like Norm. And won’t wait the time to spend sometime outdoors!

The simple outdoors by Norm

Thanks Corina :)
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3 comments on "The simple outdoors"
  1. The collection has a very nice feel. Would you mind providing more info about the Jacobsen chair? What's the exact name? Thanks

  2. Awesome Post !! Nice job about simple outdoor it's feel too great i like all pictures...