DIY: Cute pendant lamps

Friday, May 23, 2014
DIY: Cute pendant lamps | My Paradissi

It's been a long time since my last diy post, so today is the right day to share with you a small bunch. And, since I feel all cutie and girlie these last few days, I couldn't but put together a tutorials list of really sweet and fancy pendant lamps I gathered from around the blogosphere. They'd look so great in a kid's room or a single gal's abode and, some of them with a twist on colors and materials would fit in any part of the home whatsoever. Would you try any of these during the weekend?

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2 comments on "DIY: Cute pendant lamps"
  1. Eleni, those lamps are beautiful! I especially love the flower shade lamp. I know my nieces will love it too once we get it all set up in their bedrooms. Thanks for the tutorials!

  2. those lamps are soooooooooo beautiful!