Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Mother's day gift guide

Mother's day gift guide | My Paradissi

Did you realize there are only a few weeks left till we celebrate mother’s day? I remember how we used to make little handmade gifts at school or pick a bouquet of fresh flowers on the way home to surprise my mom when I was a little kid. Somehow, this day felt so special back then. As years went by and adulthood knocked on the door, Mother’s day simply didn't matter that much. Well, I guess there were so many other things in my mind to spend even a moment thinking about it. Only now that I want to have kids of my own do I appreciate how important this day is. To the women that bring life to this world; to the whole world itself. I’m not sure if it is a coincidence that Mother’s day is celebrated during a nature birth giving month like May but the allegory is just too obvious anyway. So this year I'm going to remember my old traditions. I’m picking a gift for my mom but not just a pretty nifty thing. I know my mom would value a gift coming from a store that doesn't harm the animals and the environment and respects its workers at the same time, so you'll spot a couple picks I chose from favorite Uncommon Goods in this list. Also, she loves nature, she adores recycled and handmade stuff and has a great deal of humor. I hope this list inspires you as well. Would you pick anything from the above?

Shop this collection: 1.Two-sie mug (Rennes, $36), 2.Petite perspective terrarium (Uncommon Goods, $125), 3.'Their search was finally over' giclee print (Etsy, $45), 4.Teak tree plate (Calypso St. Barth, $75), 5.Small stoneware pot (Pl├╝mo, $23.18), 6.Cotton pojagi throw (Toast, £215), 7.Freya handwoven cushion (Hunt&Bow, $130), 8.Mango wood cross board (Lef Living, 8.95), 9.Succulent living plant wall kit (Uncommon Goods, $100), 10.Tonga basket (Baskets of Africa, $23.50)

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