Monday, April 7, 2014

ETSY MIX: Affordable figure paintings

Affordable female figure art paintings for under $70 via Etsy | My Paradissi

Choosing art for your home can be pretty much a pain in the a$$. And, that is not only because of the ginormous amount of stunning works out there but of their cheesy price tags, most of us can't afford. Etsy is a great source of beautiful original artworks at decent prices you can hang on your wall and actually feel proud about them. I narrowed down my picks featuring female figures this time, in art prints below $70 each. What do you think? Would you hang any of the above in your home?

Shop this collection: 1.Woman in pink dress 8"x 10" giclee print (CorinneGallaFineArt, $28), 2.Nature Lover 16"x 20" art print (GirlAndParrot, $5+), 3.Wading In 12"x 12" art print (kikiandpolly, $22+), 4.Ring Of Roses 16"x 20" giclee art print (ClareElsaesser, $20+), 5.Pink Sheet 14"x 11" art print (ScottHardingArt, $65), 6.Portrait Of Girl On Beach 13"x 19" art print (inapaleplace, $45)

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  1. love these picks! all are so beautiful.... think my faves are 3 and 4!

  2. These are beautiful! I love the serenity in no 6.


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