Saturday, April 19, 2014

Easter bliss is..

Easter bliss is..relaxing in the arms of your love
 ..relaxing in the arms of your love

Easter bliss is..cozy sunlit spaces
..cozy sunlit spaces

Easter bliss is..gatherings in the open
 ..gatherings in the open

Easter bliss is..beautiful outdoors
..beautiful outdoors 

Easter bliss is..crispy juicy roast lamb
 ..crispy juicy roast lamb

Easter bliss is..sweet tsoureki bread with nutella on top (nasty)
..sweet tsoureki bread with nutella on top (nasty)

..and music. Soul lifting music.

Happy Easter, my friends! Wish you a gorgeous one! 

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  1. Happy Easter to you as well, your pictures always inspire me!


  2. Oh you are soooo right :) This is my idea of a perfect easter! /Niki


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