Tuesday, February 4, 2014

My interview with Decorilla

Scandinavian rustic ©Peter Kragballe
Mogeen salon | Dirk van Berkel

Hop over to the Decorilla blog, one of the greatest e-decorating platforms on the web these days, to find my mini interview on design (and personals). Don't forget to sneak around their site, esp. if you're after a smart and budget friendly home decorating fix. These guys rock!

Join the fun

Image credits:
1.Peter Kragballe via Rum, 2.Dirk van Berkel


  1. Hey Eleni,

    In the first photograph...what is the solid material that has been used to make the floor surface that adds shine to it. If you can give me some information about it that would be great,

    1. Hi Amrita,
      it looks like polished concrete floor. You can google it up to see more info =)
      Hope that helps!


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