Tuesday, February 25, 2014

ETSY MIX: Got the message

Handmade art prints with quotes and wise words on Etsy

You might as well know that I'm a fan of quotes and, frankly my dear, I wouldn't mind having a pretty reminder on my wall to motivate me do epic shit, while I'm staying away from the computer! Seriously now, I just adore those little smartass sayings as they give me that momentary push and occasionally help me reconsider or focus on what really matters. There are tons (TONS) of creative posters out there with famous or not so famous quotes and there are also mugs, trays, pillows, towels, you name it housewares that do the same. Etsy is crammed with them and really it's a pity to narrow down to only 6. Anyway, hope these will trigger you into some etsy browsing. I'm curious; do you have any wise words you like to reference daily and are they actually hung on your wall?

Shop this collection: Ma'am step away from the computer letterpress art poster (LaFarme, $90.38), 2.Do Epic Shit hand illustrated teacup (Farizula, $19), 3.The Heart Wants What It Wants Woody Allen quote archival print (alphonnsine, $18+), 4.Stay Weird mini canvas banner (SharpToothStudio, $25), 5.Frankly My Dear I Don't Give A Damn typography poster (wordsdesignlove, $20.51+), 6.Go Left typography art wood picture (navucko, $22.60)

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  1. such great quotes! and there are so many good ones. I recently made some quote art for my daughters room that says imagination grows here- and i love it.


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