6 diys for your home office

Friday, February 21, 2014
6 pretty and creative diys for your home office and desktop

When one skips a weekly post, one must be extra busy (that’s me by the way). That also means that that one person spends way too many hours in front of her screen, on her desk. So, to make amends with you (and my guilty self) I’d like to share with you not one, but a bunch of pretty diys for your home office. Since most of us spend a lot of time there, let's, at least, make it a happy and inspiring place. Are you with me?

Kraft paper list- Love the idea of Aileen to use a kraft paper roll and a rope to sort her grocery list out. Seems ideal for a to-do list too. Finish the task and tear it off! (tutorial via At Home In Love)

Hoop inspiration board- A pretty way to gather all those bits and pieces of creativity in a place (with style). I'd love to see a number of these boards in different colors grouped together on a wall in my home office. (tutorial via crafts.tuts+)

Magnetic desktop set- How fun is the idea of turning a simple paper box into a magnet? I keep my pins and clips inside my cabinets, far from the desk, and this is a great way to have some of them right next to me. (tutorial via House of Earnest)

Desk organizer- Little did I imagine that this neat organizer is made out of plastic hangers (and trays of course)! It might just be the golden hue that makes it so impressive but I'd love to see it in a black or bold neon hue too. (tutorial via Amy Krist)

Gem mousepad- Not an avid user of mousepads over here but I can sure make an exception for this one. Don't you feel that a mousepad is sort of a carpet for your desktop? Adds texture and creates visual interest at the same time! (tutorial via Popsicles & Pinatas)

Stationery organizer- A stripes, gold and neon pink combo is a good enough reason to include this desk organizer in the list. However, this pretty looks like a great place to hide away all the paperwork that's been piling on my desktop for ages. (tutorial via Damask Love)

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