Tuesday, January 7, 2014
Contemporary bathroom with marble floor and sink. Photo by Tommaso Sartori for At Casa.

The reason I picked this bathroom for my 'the ROOM' series is, I guess, quite obvious. The clear architectural forms and the strict black and white canvas are completely smoothened down by the random marble veins, widely used throughout the space. Love the vertical narrow marble slabs that separate, both visually and functionally, the shower space from the rest of the room and the impressive rectangular wall mount sink. The square, black frame window matches the mirror and the white wooden ceiling beams add a subtle country vibe along with the hammam towels. What do you make of this bathroom? Too architectural to use or a divine design masterpiece?

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Photo by Tommaso Sartori for At Casa.

2 comments on "the BATHROOM"
  1. I adore the simplicity of this bathroom! This is also a fantastic photograph. Thanks for sharing Eleni!

  2. Gorgeous an extra bathroom / restroom. Not so practical for tooth brushing or face washing ... we are missing cabinets here.