Sunday bliss is..

Sunday, January 5, 2014
Happy dining room with bare bulb pendant lights by A Beautiful Mess
Citrus quinoa salad with avocado and pomegranates recipe by GI 365

..getting back into schedule after the holidays while enjoying an invigorating, healthy citrus quinoa salad with avocado and pomegranates in this happy dining room (hi, Elsie, want company? Love your bare bulb pendant lights by the way).

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5 comments on "Sunday bliss is.."
  1. Love that top image. Amazing lighting. Happy Sunday to you. x

  2. I am digging that first image, and that wooden table! So rustic, and beautiful setting. Happy Sunday!

    Mostly Lisa

  3. I love the bare bulbs in the first image, they really add to the rustic charm of the room. The salad looks amazing too, I've never tried fruit with quinoa.

  4. That table is awesome! Loving the yellow chairs.


  5. Happy Sunday to you and a Happy New Year as well - Love from Sydney xx