My home, my paradise #4

Thursday, January 30, 2014
My home, my paradise #4 | My Paradissi

Today I dream about an eclectic downtown apartment. An open plan medium-sized apartment with ample sunlight, wooden floors with wide planks and subtle ceiling moldings. The walls are white but the accents and furnishings have colors; a mix of muted and brighter ones. It is eclectic, fancy, casual and has a positive vibe. It is more suitable for a single career lady than for a family. In it there would definitely be..

Impressive wall art. Photo by Line Klein for Alt Interiør, styling by Nicola Kragh Riis.
Photo by Line Klein for Alt Interiør, styling by Nicola Kragh Riis. impressive art wall 

in the living room like the one pictured above. Love the cool shades of this one, the mid-century furniture and the geometric and typographic prints. Anna of Door Sixteen has put down an efficient list of where to shop all the products you see in this room. Very handy!

Mix and match dining chairs. Photo via The Socialite Family.
Photo via The Socialite Family.

..mix and match chairs

in the dining room. Love the color choices in the photo above; a clever way to add variety even when going with one chair style like the molded Eames ones. The deep red rug looks amazing under the slate blue, mustard yellow, black and white hues of the chairs. And one more detail; the inspiring contradiction of the what looks like distressed wooden floor with the sleek modern furniture.

Kitchen subway tiles and open shelving. Photo via Bolaget.
Photo via Bolaget.

..subway tiles with black grout 

in the kitchen. Subway tiles seems to be everywhere these days, like the new decor trend in the kitchen and bathroom. Love the ceiling high application of these ones and the white shelves with the pretty glassware collections right in front. 

Home office with yellow chair. Photo via Adore magazine (found via half asleep studio).
Photo via Adore magazine (found via half asleep studio).

..a happy home office

with a yellow chair. I sometimes find my sturdy, dark wooden desk a bit too much and would rather have a lighter combination of white and color. Working on a computer means (at least to me) that I don't actually need a big physical space to organise and store my things. I can see this little pretty   one located in a living room corner. It is too pretty to hide away anyway!

Serene bedroom. Photo by Brittany Ambridge, styling by Elaina Sullivan, interior design by Sacha Dunn via Domino magazine.
Photo by Brittany Ambridge, styling by Elaina Sullivan, interior design by Sacha Dunn via Domino magazine.

..a serene bedroom

with a vintage white metallic bed and side table. I'm so inspired by the simplicity of this bedroom and how few decorative items it contains. You can literally count them one by one! The two petite slate blue frames have got to be my favorite touch in the scene.

Round mosaic tiles shower. Photo by Trevor Tondro via The NY Times.
Photo by Trevor Tondro via The NY Times.

..a shower covered in round mosaic tiles.

I have a thing for design showers, as it seems (see the shower I picked for my previous dream home). I love the total look in this one and its stark patterned simplicity. Maybe not the type of shower a single lady would opt for (too little space to store her cosmetics) but it is quite a statement nonetheless.

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  2. I love the art in almost all of these! Such great finds!