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Wednesday, January 22, 2014
Choose the right lighting fixtures for your bedroom style | My Paradissi

Ever wondered what the best lighting fixtures for your bedroom are? The ones that will provide you with the proper light ambience yet enhance the style of the room at the same time? Of course, you are =) Picking a lamp that will complement the decor of a space is not necessarily a challenging task. It gets a bit tricky, though, when you have to combine a bunch of them and still stay on your style path. To sorten things out a bit, I'll be dealing with 4 different bedroom styles on this post with the hope to inspire as many of you as possible. The categories of lighting fixtures I'm choosing are table lamps for your nightstand, a pendant lamp for the ceiling and a floor lamp for a corner of the room, next to an armchair, vanity or whatever. Follow me after the jump to see what I've picked for each decor style.

The eclectic loft bedroom

The eclectic loft bedroom. Photo by Micky Hoyle for Visi Magazine.
Photo by Micky Hoyle for Visi Magazine.

Clean lines and design pieces are best suited for an eclectic space like the above. If you strive for a room with a character then the proper lighting fixtures are definitely the best thing to invest at. Statement pieces, unexpected forms and bold lines are the best choices for such a room.

My picks: table lamp | pendant lamp | floor lamp

The romantic cottage bedroom

The romantic cottage bedroom. Photo via El Mueble.
Photo via El Mueble.

Warm hues, florals and plaid, wools and silk and a view to the countryside are more than enough to bring tranquility and relaxation to the soul. When these are lit by the proper lighting sources things get way more exciting for sure. I love mixing natural rustic textures with more chic ones for a balanced country look.

The sophisticated classy bedroom

The sophisticated classy bedroom. Photo by Nicole Franzen for Remodelista.

Just like the rooms coming out of a classy movie, a bedroom that brims with style and understated glamour must be accompanied by the appropriate lighting fixtures. A modern touch in smooth hues and simple lines are possibly the best choice for it.

the scandinavian stark bedroom

The scandinavian stark bedroom. Photo by Lotta Agaton.
Photo by Lotta Agaton.

As seen right about everywhere these days, the black and white duality of the scandinavian design makes a bedroom strict and powerful yet sometimes cold. Industrial inspired and geometrical lamps create warm pools of light and enhance the design even when not lit.

Lighting fixtures combination for the bedroom | My Paradissi

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5 comments on "Lighting fixtures for 4 bedroom styles"
  1. Really good and very informative post. My style lies somewhere in-between all of them, but if my arm was being twisted and I really had to choose, I'd go with the loft style - it probably integrates best into the other ones ;-)

  2. Great post. I like the loft room and cottage bedroom best. I agree that lighting is so important. You can really change/lift the mood of a room if its lit well. I do like a central light feature as in addition to offering light it can really add style and layers, bringing the ceiling into the room, but on its own this may not provide enough light. Lamps are ideal as you can create snugs and cosy corners that would otherwise be left in the dark.

  3. Such an informative post. Im in between sophisticated classy and scandinavian stark. Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. This is awesome, I love all the picks! I'm in the process of redoing my bedroom, and I'm going for a minimal lofty look, so I'm about to make a bare bulb pendant light, but I'm not sure what to add as the ceiling fixture...

  5. Very helpful! Mine is a cross between scandinavian and glam, though, but your chart helps there too. Pinned this!