Thursday, January 2, 2014

Happy 2014!

New year's resolutions for My Paradissi

Happy new year friends! How was your celebrations? I had a fun enlightening moment under the sparkling fireworks sky in the first few moments of the new year and lots of pacifying hours in the hugs of beloved family and friends. Couldn't ask for more ^^. I have to be honest with you, though. I enjoyed these almost unplugged few days a bit too much. I had kind of forgotten how it is to live without checking the email or social accounts every 10 minutes (you guys, waiting an email reply from me, please be patient; I'm  currently working on that) and now I find it so hard to get back to normal schedule. I feel like all my prompt tasks and to-dos have been completely wiped out of my memory. Hmm, I guess it takes some time to adjust so I won't be strict to myself. 
In that manner, I'm starting off the new year here on the blog with a few thoughts-wishes I have for 2014 (most people call them resolutions ;). I repeat them inside my head far too often to claim that are resolutions alone so hopefully I can master at least a couple of them. What are your thoughts for this year? Are you ready to conquer your dreams? I dearly wish that for you (and me)! xoxo

Join the fun


  1. This list is wonderful, especially focus on the moment! I need to add this to my list of lifestyle goals. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Xronia polla kai kali xronia Eleni!

    Have a great 2014! :)



  3. Happy New Year! I think today was the first time I actually wrote down some of the resolutions for myself, I have always kept those in my head, but I hope that seeing them on paper (ok, actually on screen) makes me work harder to act on them also! :)

  4. happy new year my dear! those are awesome awesome resolutions! wishing you all the best in the upcoming year : )

  5. A very happy new year with all your wishes becoming true!!

  6. I like this resolution list a lot!!
    Happy 2014!


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