Tuesday, January 14, 2014

ETSY MIX: Peppermint kiss

Peppermint kiss etsy mix collection of vintage and handmade products by My Paradissi

Are you a fan of mixing pastels with naturals too? There is this contrast in hue and texture that makes this particular combination irresistible. It's like a fresh youngster hanging around with a wise middle aged, a happy gal with braids with a brutal bearded man. In any case, today's etsy mix is more on the playful size and smells like the first days of spring (it's awfully sunny and warm these days here ;). What's your pick from the above? I'm head over heels for that petite brass pineapple!

Shop this collection: 1.Je t' aime love card (The Paper Cub, $5), 2.Leather bangle bracelet (Boutique Minimaliste, $16), 3.Half glazed geometric succulent planter (Porcelain Studio, $21.99), 4.Potted cacti mini paper mache mobile (Jikits, $49), 5.Scales pillow cover (Dozi, $38), 6.Vintage brass pineapple trivet (The White Pepper, $18.50)

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