ETSY MIX: Blue red

Tuesday, January 28, 2014
Etsy collection of vintage and handmade homeware in blue and red | My Paradissi

The theme of today's etsy mix post is all about blue and red (obviously), a color combo which quite truthfully reminds me of school days. This one is way far from them, however, (with the exclusion of maybe this journal) and has more of a folkloric touch in it, given by the swedish dala horse and the modernised kantha quilt. The inspiration of this style board was definitely the (super) impressive 50ies armchair and its amazing upholstery combo of blue white florals and folk geometric patterns on red background. Ha! I want this chair (or any other chair from Name Design Studio for that matter) in my living room asap. Such a pity it is way off my budget =/

Shop this collection: 1.Bay armchair (Name Design Studio, $1,500), 2.Vintage blue corn flower mugs (BeeJayKay, $22 for a set of 4), 3.Ceramic heart bowl (Susan Simonini, $19.90), 4.Indigo block print queen kantha quilt (Live Love Smile, $126.21), 5.Swedish vintage Nils Olsson big red Dala Horse (Sweden Folk Art, $57), 6.Leather journal (Jackdaw Bindery, $32.37)

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5 comments on "ETSY MIX: Blue red"
  1. Oh, how I literally LOVE to see how a Dala Horse appears on the screen while I'm reading your blog! In fact, my boyfriends parents' house is situated just about 200-300 meters from where those horses are made (Nils Olsson, situated in a rather small village called Nusnäs). Another funny thing is that in the neighbour village, where I grew up, there is a greek family crafting their own Dala Horses. You might want to take a look at their web page:

    Keep up the good work!

    1. I love these cute little traditional horses Victoria! I'm glad you sent me these info =) So there are greek people making these too?

    2. Yes, exactly! Interesting, huh? Maybe you could not click on the link above, but here's a new one for you to copy and paste, you'll find the history about this greek family mentioned above here:

  2. I absolutely love that Bay armchair, it's so happy and original! The patterns are truly gorgeous! Also the Box armchair with yellow feet caught my attention :) The entire collection is pretty nice. I want them in my living room as well but... same problem here ;) Sighhhh
    Have a great day x

  3. Thanks for sharing these amazing homedecor items. The sofa set is amazing to have in the living room and the kitchen utencils are also great to have in mind during the homedecor plans this year. The wall hangings are quite adorable and can be placed at any wall in the dream home.