ETSY MIX: Black creatures

Tuesday, January 7, 2014
Handmade #etsy finds for the home in black

Love a little black inspiration once in a while (you probably know that by now) and today's etsy mix post is all about it. Inspired by Natasha Newton's black and white geometric landscape, I'm seeing soft fluffy clouds, awkward house silhouettes in the horizon, triangulated suns and curious creatures with wild plants coming out of their back. Seriously, this surrealistic scenario would alternate as an inspiring touch to an interior; black is a shade that adds up to the decor by creating contrast. Would you pick any of the above items for your space (or yourself for that matter)?

Shop this collection: 1.Grey cloud pot holder (Beanie on Helina, $22.34), 2.Simple matte black x studs (Of matter, $12), 3.Wabi sabi black porcelain vase (Gone to Pot, $35), 4.Geometric bowl (Pop Renaissance, $40), 5.Patterned landscape archival art print (The Blackbirds sings, $30.35), 6.Animal planter with air plant (Boy-Girl Tees, $21)

P.s. You can visit My Paradissi's  etsy page for lots more handmade and vintage inspiration!

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