Weekend coundown

Saturday, November 30, 2013
Cozy rustic bedroom via Slettvoll
A wooden cabin in the forest looks like dream weekend getaway ©Kira and Matt

5 links to inspire
 A mind blowing before and after interior transformation.
 Did you know that homeware catalogues use 3d renderings?
 Some gift guides are just so good!
 Decorate with feathers.
 Would you recognize all of them?

4 links to shop
 This christmas tree..
 ..and these angel wings ornaments.
 Love this happy quirky planter.
 How sweet are these Sir Rudolph cards?

3 post from this week
 The pretty eclectic home of Tatianna and family.
 This is your chance to win an iPad mini! Enter the giveaway here.
 10 best woven baskets to store your firelogs near the fireplace.

2 images for visual inspiration
  Top: Love the cozy rustic feeling of this bedroom.
∾ Bottom: A wooden cabin in the forest looks like dream weekend getaway.

1 post to remember
 Christmas decorations in red and white.

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Black Friday sales

Friday, November 29, 2013
Naughty or nice holiday christmas tags by Print Smitten on Etsy
Naughty or nice holiday christmas tags by Print Smitten.

The following post is my tribute to the consumer's most beloved holiday of the year. Quite honestly we don't celebrate Black Friday here in Greece (not yet, at least) so I got familiar with it through my recent years in blogging. Funny thing is that I personally get way too stressed to shop on sales (so many things to buy, so little time) and I let possible shopping bargains go down the drain. I guess it is a great opportunity to start shopping the holiday decor and gifts, however, so I decided to put together, just for you, a list of discounts, sales and free shipping from my favorite stores, affiliates and Etsy. Hope you find something you like in one (or more) of these links, after the jump! Happy shopping ^^

10 best woven baskets for firewood

Thursday, November 28, 2013
Warm textiles and burning fire in this cozy fireplace setting by The White Company.
Warm textiles and burning fire in this cozy fireplace setting by The White Company.

Do you have a fireplace or stove in your home? I'm dreaming about a burning fire as we're having a winter like gloomy sky today. Cuddling up under a cozy blanket, playing with my new ipad mini and let the time slip away. Getting back to real life; where do you store your fire logs? A decent storage space outside the home, in the backyard or terrace is ideal, but not always the case. I've been eyeing those really large wicker or rattan baskets next to fireplaces and I love the idea. Not big enough to store a year worthy of firewood, however, but good enough to avoid visiting the cold outdoors every now and then for refill. Not to mention the french country style they bring to the interiors. As a matter of fact, check out the following photos and have a look at 10 of the prettiest woven baskets I've put together for you. Would you pick one for yourself?

GIVEAWAY: Win an ipad mini (yes!)

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

ipad mini giveaway

For those of you who follow me on instagram and twitter may be no news, but I was over excited to finally get myself a brand new ipad mini a few days ago. Yes, Santa did come a bit early for me this year and yes, most of my free hours are spent pretty much in front of its tiny shiny screen, browsing, socialising or just gaming. I have a deep affection for gadgets and technology in general, probably inherited by my father, and this little apple cutie is the epitome of high-tech time spender today. 

If you own an ipad you probably know what I'm talking about. If not, here is your chance to win one! Corina of Cocorrina had this great idea of gathering a bunch of great bloggers together* to make such a ginormous giveaway a reality. One lucky reader is about to win his/her own ipad mini and there are a whooping 79 different ways to enter this giveaway, all listed up below. The giveaway is open worldwide and ends on December 9th. Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

*Don't forget to pay a visit to these blogs that take part in this giveaway 

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ETSY MIX: Basic Christmas

Tuesday, November 26, 2013
Handmade etsy finds for christmas decoration and presents with a rustic vibe

I usually try to restrain myself from decorating my home for Christmas before December arrives. I feel that a month's time is more than enough to keep myself surrounded with cute and festive decorations before I get bored. Is it only me? The internet is already flooding with the Christmas spirit, but that I completely understand. One needs to order his ornaments and presents way before time to make sure they arrive at the right moment. That being said, I feel obligated (no; correct that to excited) to start the annual Christmas shopping suggestions on My Paradissi, for you, your family and friends and, of course, your home. So, today's etsy picks have a little bit of decoration and fun. Get your little reindeer help you with the tree decorations and don't forget to order tons of this amazing wrapping paper for your presents!

Shop this collection: 1.Felt reindeer antler headband (Fun Creations, $17.88), 2.Let it snow globe card (Lily & Val, $3.50), 3.Christmas felt ball garland (Mellsva, $15), 4.Joy chalkboard art print (Mooseberry Print Shop, $18), 5.Sequins on black gift wrap (Kate Zaremba Company, $11)

P.s. Tons of gift ideas can be found on my Etsy page as well!

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An eclectic cabin home

Monday, November 25, 2013

The home of Tatianna of Flora & Fauna. Photos © Yvonne Rock via Style Me Pretty.

It is small, cozy and with tons of character. I'm talking about Tatianna's cabin home I stumbled upon this morning on Style Me Pretty. I'm always fascinated by small homes; love to check how their owners creatively use a teeny space in a practical and stylish way (like this one and that one). Tatianna and her husband took advantage of their inherited family cabin and month after month transformed it into a perfectly eclectic abode for their new family of three. Most items are thrifted, thus the extended period of home decorating but as a well binded result the wait was totally worth it.  

Sunday bliss is..

Sunday, November 24, 2013
Colorful dining room in the home of Helen and Chris Bayley via The Design Files
Vitamin-boosted black quinoa salad recipe via La Tartine Gourmande

..enjoying a healthy vitamin-boosted black quinoa salad in this happy colorful dining spot.

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Weekend countdown

Saturday, November 23, 2013
Bright modern country living room via Mi Casa Revista
Guest room redecoration by @thevedahouse

5 links to inspire
 Love watching artists draw. Do you?  
 5 things to do 10 minutes before bed (for your own sanity).
 Pretty copper diys for the home.
 Working 15 hours a week and still make a living? 
 Beautiful light painting.

4 links to shop
 Cute wire tree topper.
 These faucet mugs make a perfect gift.
 Love a little rustic holiday decor.
 These curvy candleholders.

3 post from this week
 Putting together the house of my dreams.
 This serene apartment in Copenhagen.
 A kitchen dressed in khakis.

2 images for visual inspiration
  Top: This bright and breezy modern country living room.
∾ Bottom: Love what Cassie did to her guest house. See more photos here.

1 post to remember
 Bookcases for all kinds of styles and interiors.

P.s. Stay tuned. A really big giveaway (and I mean BIG) is coming to the blog this week  =)

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A khaki kitchen to steal your heart

Friday, November 22, 2013
Khaki kitchen © Anne Manglerud via No 20.

Today has been a really long house cleaning day. Time to lay carpets on the home, at last, and do some minor decor changes to lift the winter spirit. Anyway, I'm popping in to share with you this incredible khaki kitchen with the amazing glass door black cabinet and the most welcoming breakfast spot. Oh, and the swing arm wall lamps, we talked about last week, are all there. It so easily qualifies as one of my most wanted kitchen dos. How about you?

Khaki kitchen © Anne Manglerud via No 20.
Glass door black cabinetry in khaki kitchen © Anne Manglerud via No 20.
Khaki kitchen © Anne Manglerud via No 20.

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Images by Anne Manglerud via No 20.

Home treats for under $25

Thursday, November 21, 2013
Home treats for under $25 picks by My Paradissi

It's not about gifts or shopping lists. Sometimes we all need that little something that would add a sparkle to our place. Something to boost our mood (and decor in that matter). I went a little window shopping for you and picked 10 pretty home decoratives and accents that can do exactly that, without ripping you off. All the above beauties cost less than $25 and that makes them a convenient treat for you or your beloved ones.

Shop this collection: 1.Concrete vase by House Doctor (Ruby Roost, £12.95), 2.Spectacle edition bottle opener (ModCloth, $8.99), 3.Pebble tape measure (LEIF, $17), 4.Equilateral nails by The Winsome Brave (Orphan Socks, €24), 5.Eat Local tea towel, set of 2, by Face to Face (One Kings Lane, $20), 6.Personalized monogrammed coasters by Tilissimo (Etsy, $19), 7.Marble House (By April and May, €11.95), 8.Tower block black grid by Hay (Fab, $18), 9.Giraffe in stripy shirt art print by Chasing the Crayon (Etsy, $21.56), 10.Black geometric christmas tree ornaments, set of 4, by Sketch.Inc (Etsy, $15.75)

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Serene apartment in Copenhagen

Wednesday, November 20, 2013
Serene neutral apartment in Copenhagen © Heidi Lerkenfeldt for Elle Decor UK

As if one dream home isn't enough to get us through the week, I'm having yet another one for you, my dears. And for me, to be quite honest, for I've been eyeing this amazing apartment many many days now. For the history, I was about to post serene wood and white interiors today but I found this place is already featuring all those calming assets such a combination can bear by itself.

ETSY MIX: Golden jars

Tuesday, November 19, 2013
Golden hand painted mason jars via #etsy

Admittedly, I'm starting to get inspired by the forthcoming holiday season. And that was quite obvious to me while spending time on Etsy yesterday, picking my favorite products for today's post. My eyes laid on anything glittery and gold. I already have an affection for this warm and glam metal and now it only gets worse! After gathering tons of handmade golden beauties I decided I needed a concept to help me narrow down the choices to 5. So, here it is; golden hand painted mason jars, with various painting approaches, to decorate your kitchen shelves (or your desktop for that matter).

Shop this collection: 1.Gold and glitter mason jar wedding centerpiece, set of 5 (Lexie's Shop, $35), 2.Gold painted vintage Ball mason jar (Old Fangled Finds, $6.50), 3.Gold dipped mason jars, set of 10 (Tasteful Tatters, $50), 4.Bright white gold glitter mason jar (Jess Cath Designs, $7.85), 5.Gold painted Ball mason jars, set of 3 (Beach Blues, $21).

P.s. My Paradissi now has its own Etsy page! There you will find all my favorite handmade and vintage items in all sorts of curated boards (just like pinterest). See it here.

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Putting together the house of my dreams

Monday, November 18, 2013
Putting together the house of my dreams by My Paradissi

I haven't put down a dream home in a while, so I'm sharing with you one today. There is not a more delightful design challenge than to curate spaces from various sources, often all around the world, into one metaphoric location and pretend it to be one place altogether; your own dream place. Today's home is eclectic chic, with pale, natural hues and splashes of black, vintage pieces and mid century touches. Follow me while I show you around (warning: long post ahead) ^^

Sunday bliss is..

Sunday, November 17, 2013
Industrial kitchen by Tarafirma
Walnut, parsley and parmesan linguine recipe by Simple Provisions

..preparing walnut, parsley and parmesan linguine in this impressive industrial kitchen.

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Weekend countdown

Saturday, November 16, 2013
Mint cabinetry, white tiles and copper fixtures kitchen by Ballingslöv.
This old school vintage dining room (photo by Nicole Franzen)

5 links to inspire

 The dreams of a little boy.
 Mastering the social media for bloggers and etsians.
 This restaurant in Mexico city.
 A rad way to save the earth.
 This happy home in the Netherlands.

4 links to shop
 My type of sconce.
 Way off my price range but oh.so.beautiful pendant lamp.
 A fun gift for the bookworms.
 Get your own cooper skillet for your kitchen.

3 post from this week
 This white and natural apartment.
 Gray bedrooms for moody weather.
 Does your kitchen have an island? These pretty ones do.

2 images for visual inspiration
  Top: Mint cabinetry, white tiles and copper fixtures kitchen by Ballingslöv.
∾ Bottom: This old school vintage dining room (photo by Nicole Franzen).

1 post to remember
 Kids rooms with an eclectic twist.

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5 kitchen island dreams

Friday, November 15, 2013
Wood and marble kitchen island via Rejuvenation on Houzz.
Wood and marble kitchen island via Rejuvenation on Houzz.

Does your kitchen have a kitchen island? Oh, please let me know and make me dream. My current kitchen is far too small to even accommodate a small table (not to start on the tiny countertop space I have to cook). I happened upon this bunch of prettier than pretty kitchen islands lately and I had to make a post about them. To make us all dream, that is.

Gray bedrooms for gloomy days

Thursday, November 14, 2013
Bedroom styled by Charlotte Ryding for Alvhem.
Bedroom styled by Charlotte Ryding for Alvhem.

The skies have opened up today in Crete and is heavy raining all morning. I love it! Feels like a dark gloomy workday ahead, where I can enjoy the rain through my office window while trying to concentrate on my work schedule (working from home is fun, yay!). I've missed rainy days so much and it was still so warm and summery here I can't have enough of today's weather! Fun part is that the post I had been preparing for today is only too appropriate for this day^^

Brick house eclectic renovation

Wednesday, November 13, 2013
Old brick house renovation in Belgium ©Tim Van de Velde via Dwell

Love the fresh take of Michaël Verheyden and Saartje Vereecke to their newly bought dilapidated brick house in Genk, Belgium.  Actually, I have a thing for exposed brick lately (I'm using it on a new project I'm currently designing) and this little gem got my attention instantly. The interiors are simple, contemporary eclectic with lots of leather textiles and furniture (as you see, the couple are designing leather furnishings and accessories). You can read more about their budget renovation as well as see a few more photos on Dwell.

Old brick house renovation in Belgium ©Tim Van de Velde via Dwell
Old brick house renovation in Belgium ©Tim Van de Velde via Dwell

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Images by Tim Van de Velde via Dwell.

Scandinavian with a shot of pink

Guest picks ideabook for HOUZZ by My Paradissi

Have you checked out the latest guest picks ideabook I made for Houzz this month? I have to tell you I just need everything that's in it ^^ If you are a fan of fresh scandinavian design with a dash of girlie, hop over to Houzz to have a look!

These products: 1.Brass orb himmeli by HRUSKAA (Etsy, $83+), 2.Globo art print by Daniela Dahf Henriquez for L'Affiche Moderne (Mokkasin, $56.85), 3.POV candleholder (foldoys, €35), 4.Brass pot stand by Oji Masanori (Orphan Socks, €69)

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ETSY MIX: Hold fast

Tuesday, November 12, 2013
Handmade and vintage findings from Etsy curated by My Paradissi

Today's etsy mix is inspired by the work of Lisa Golightly and the distant acrylic couple finding its way off the shore. Love the subtleness of the painting; feels like a washed out summer memory of a lost love. Having it hung on my wall I'd love to accompany it with a rough creative lighting, like the creative pipe pendant and a vintage tapestry abstruct landscape close by. The unrefined texture of wool and metal can bring a certain warmth in an interior with rustic and industrial design influences. Would you choose anything from this list? I'd love to know!

Shop this collection: 1.Recycled glass diamond container (Megan Myers, $90), 2.Vintage handwoven Lesotho mochair tapestry (Bergen House, $150), 3.Hold Fast art print (Kiki & Polly, $22+), 4.Brass Gate earrings (Laurel Hill, $106+), 5.Industrial custom rustic pipe and sloth cord pendant light (Hammers Heels, $399)

P.s. My Paradissi now has its own Etsy page! There you will find all my favorite handmade and vintage items in all sorts of curated boards (just like pinterest). See it here.

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All natural and bright apartment

Monday, November 11, 2013
Bright and natural apartment for sale in Stockholm area, real estate Folkhem, ©Petra Bindel

When it comes to real estate, I clearly declare the Swedish people masters of their kind. I, along with dozens of other design bloggers, swear by their beautifully styled and photographed apartments for sale. I keep posting their recent properties listed on their sites lately (like this one and this too), wondering why real estate in Greece for example is ages behind (not only in Greece I guess; these hilarious fail interiors for sale photos made me laugh hard this morning). So, today's post is yet another stunning apartment, shot by talented Petra Bindel and sold in Folkhem. It is fresh and bright, dressed in neutrals and wood, with large openings and designer furnishings. You most probably have seen this pretty before but I had to have it as a record on my blog too!

Sunday bliss is..

Sunday, November 10, 2013
Straw pergola in Casa Tataui designed by Vera Iachia
Ricotta and rosemary focaccia recipe by @raquelkitchen

..snacking on a ricotta and rosemary focaccia under this shady straw pergola while enjoying a warm sunny autumn morning.

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Weekend countdown

Saturday, November 9, 2013
Subtle natural country style bedroom (photo by Romain Ricard)
This living room just couldn't get any cozier (photo by Brendt Darby)

5 links to inspire
 An impressive apartment renovation.
 18 things they never taught you at art school. 
 Creative and curious street art by Daan Botlek.
 Are you a fan of adventure games? Check this one out!
 Can you tell micro from macro?

4 links to shop
 Prettiest jewelry I've seen in a while.
 These white wire baskets.
 These sophisticated glam tumblers.
 This colorful kilim pouf.

3 post from this week
 A fresh scandinavian apartment.
 Would you use swing arm wall lamps in your kitchen?
 An easy diy concrete bowl to make.

2 images for visual inspiration
  Top: This subtle natural country style bedroom (photo by Romain Ricard). 
∾ Bottom: This living room just couldn't get any cozier (photo by Brendt Darby).

1 post to remember
 A roundup of bright and inviting bedrooms.

P.s. My Paradissi has now its own page on Etsy! There, I curate all my favorite handmade and vintage products sold on the etsy platform in various boards, just like pinterest. The etsy shopping experience never got any easier (and tempting)! Check it out and become a follower here.

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Friday, November 8, 2013
A country style central two-sided fireplace serving as a room divider ©Greg Cox via House and Leisure

I'd like to share with you one of the prettiest and clever room dividers I've come across lately. This central two-sided fireplace creates a distinct optical border between the living room and dining room of this amazing South African home while provides each space with the warmth and coziness of the open fire. And it's not only its home location that got my attention but the simple and subtle country design as well. Love the all white stucco and delicate curvy form with the unrefined slim wooden beam serving as a mantel. Isn't it a true country beauty?

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Image by Greg Cox via House and Leisure.