Morning daydreaming

Thursday, October 31, 2013
Bedroom with cozy window seating via Kim Timmerman.
Bedroom with cozy window seating via Kim Timmerman.

Preston pillow by Joss&Main
Preston pillow (Joss & Main, $52.95)

Do you know these kind of days when you wake up but actually stay sleepy all morning long? Well, I'm feeling just like that right about now and, yes, I already had my fair share of caffeine thank you.

Instead of moaning, I prefer to turn literal daydreaming into something more creative and share it with you. I know that there are definitely some of you who empathise with me, right? 

Don't Give Ship Tee by Arquebus Clothing
Don't Give Ship Tee by Arquebus
Clothing (Fab, $22)

So, this post is all about fresh and bright bedrooms, the type that leave you invigorated and rejuvenated after a deep good night's sleep. 

How about having a day off and spend all morning in bed wearing a cozy t-shirt and chunky socks, under the soft crisp duvet?

Bedroom with the bed located under the window and stripe linen set via Stadshem (via Sea of Girasoles)
Bedroom with the bed located under the window and stripe linen set via Stadshem (via Sea of Girasoles)

Swiss cross blanket by the Cozy Cabin
Swiss cross blanket by the Cozy Cabin
(One Kings Lane, $115)

The weather is still warm and sunny in (tropical) Crete but, thankfully, a cozy blanket is necessary while cocooning. Maybe this one with the trending swiss crosses will do the trick. Esp. in an all white, scandinavian bedroom, like the ones in this post.

Brian Fantana quote mug by gnarlyink via Etsy
Brian Fantana quote mug
by gnarlyink (Etsy, $15.99)

And, since we talk about staycation and lazy mornings, why not skip (an extra cup of) coffee and drink hot cocoa instead. That, with lots of pinspiration and web browsing. Geez, working from home can be too flexible sometimes!
 Fresh bedroom setting with impressive art wall via Suvi Sur Le Vif.
Fresh bedroom setting with impressive art wall via Suvi Sur Le Vif.

Huttenschuhe sleepers by Toast
Huttenschuhe sleepers (Toast, £45)

I've expressed my love for cushy sleepers before, but I couldn't leave this pair by Toast unposted. The traditional knit pattern looks so good with the soft suede sole it makes them the perfect piece to sport while working from home.

Bear sleep mask by Julia Wine via Etsy
Bear sleep mask by Julia Wine (Etsy, $15)

Oh, and if staying in bed results in more sleepy time, I have the thing for you. This cuter than cute handmade sleeping mask by Julia Wine keeps the light away from those sleepy eyes plus creates a playful atmosphere (that is if sharing the bed ;).

Love it or leave it: Antlers above bed via Mood House.
Love it or leave it: Antlers above bed via Mood House.

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A welcoming scandinavian kitchen

Wednesday, October 30, 2013
A simple and effortless scandinavian kitchen design via Erik Olsson

There is this kitchen that caught my attention lately and I'd like to share with you. It's nothing special or surprising, it's more of an everyday lived kitchen in an average scandinavian home (actually in a house on sale at Erik Olsson) and that's exactly why I was so eager to put it on the blog today. 

A simple and effortless scandinavian kitchen design via Erik Olsson

As opposed to yesterday's kitchen, the design of this one is pretty straight forward with an L shaped layout and a island in the middle of the room. I love all those little details that spice up the decor, like the wide white boards that cover the walls, the small cozy bench as part of the cabinetry and the twin pendant lights over the sink.

A simple and effortless scandinavian kitchen design via Erik Olsson

You can see more photos of this kitchen as well as the rest of the house here.

A simple and effortless scandinavian kitchen design via Erik Olsson

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Tuesday, October 29, 2013
Eclectic country kitchen with black concrete island ©Ruben Ortiz

There is none other way to describe this kitchen rather than as eclectic country. I mean, it doesn't even look like a kitchen in the first place. A coal black concrete island bearing the oven is actually the only way you can tell that from this photo. It is a real gem though, don't you agree? Love the contrasting black volume in the center, the amazing distressed wooden floor, the delicate vintage cabinet and the tiny sparkling chandelier. See the whole artistic home here (and you'll find out where the sink is located too =)

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Photos by Ruben Ortiz via Haute Design.

ETSY MIX: Golden dots

Handmade homeware with golden polka dots via #etsy

How about adding some sparkle into a moody Tuesday? Today's etsy picks are inspired by these cute white and gold dotted ceramic coasters by Tilissimo. Polka dots are one of the most festive graphic ornaments, don't you agree? They have this power of transorming a dull object into an instant party booster. And when these dots are of a golden hue, things get really serious. Take for example this dotted ball vase; isn't it a happy little gem? Or, the gold coin necklace? Oh, I'd love to get my hands on this delicate beauty (B. do you read?)

Shop this collection: 1.Vinyl polka dots wall sticker (Urban Walls, $31.45), 2.White and copper ball vase (The Object Enthusiast, $42), 3.Golden polka dots ceramic coasters (Tilissimo, $25), 4.Thank you card in gold dotted lettering (Evermore Paper Co., $6), 5.Belissima gold coin necklace (Elephantine, $42).

Oh, and a sidenote: Sweet Maya of Tilissimo asked me to inform you about the giveaway she's hosting on facebook. Rules are simple. All you have to do is like Tilissimo on facebook and you automatically enter the giveaway!

P.s. You can catch up with my etsy finds here and see the whole collection of my etsy favorites here.

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Fresh modern apartment in Melbourne

Monday, October 28, 2013
The fresh contemporary loft style apartment of Dan Honey and Paul Fuog in Melbourne ©Sean Fennessy via The Design Files

When I first stumbled upon the apartment of Dan and Paul in The Design Files I was smitten; plywood and wood was just about everywhere. I kept scrolling down to see the rest of the home photos but the material pattern just kept repeating. And in a wow kind of way. The place, dressed in whites and neutrals, furnished with contemporary pieces and strategic fixture choices is a bliss to the eye. That thanks to Clare Cousins, architect and friend of the couple, who transformed an old and somehow not working apartment in Melbourne, into a fresh and completely functional contemporary space for the family.

Sunday bliss is..

Sunday, October 27, 2013
Kitchen with slate blue cabinets
Veggie beet burgers with coleslaw recipe by @callmecupcake

..trying out this beetroot veggie burgers with coleslaw recipe in this kitchen with the amazing wooden floor and the slate blue cabinets.

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Weekend countdown

Saturday, October 26, 2013
Can outdoor be that cozy? ©Nicole Franzen
The home of Julie Pointer ©Laura Dart via Design Sponge

5 links to inspire
 This succulent potted plant is actually a cake.
 Great blogging tips in Angel's series. A must read.
∾ So much talk about it lately. Whatever, Martha.
 Autumn in Paris.
 Love this bright home.

4 links to shop
 A rose gold lamp? Yes, please!
 The amazing pendant lamp from last weekend's post.
 Stunned by this rug.
 If only I had room in my kitchen for this workbench island.

3 post from this week
 An elegant black and white apartment in Cannes.
 This sunny mediterranean garden in Crete.
 5 long bathroom ideas.

2 images for visual inspiration
  Top: Really want to see what's going on in there! (photo by Nicole Franzen)
∾ Bottom: Chilling out weekend time (photo by Laura Dart)

1 post to remember
 A modern country house in the heart of Spain.

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5 long bathroom ideas

Friday, October 25, 2013
My Paradissi | 5 long bathroom ideas

When it comes to bathroom designing, first thing to consider is, obviously, the architecture of the room. Long bathrooms with a narrow, rectangular shape are a common find in many interiors and often a challenge to the designer. That is because the space literally dictates the positioning of the various fixtures, as there is little or no room to play around with them. What we usually see is an aligned position of the sink(s) and the toilet while the shower or bathtub is fitted in the narrow end wall. I have 5 brilliant long bathroom examples to show you, where, although the placement is more or less the same, the design choices of the materials and fixtures are what actually make the difference.

DIY: Knit blanket pattern

Knit a double seed stitch blanket pattern by The Purl Bee

Do you know how to knit? I love knitting and/or crocheting and curling up in my sofa with a soft yarn project is probably one of my favorite things to do during wintertime. I've yet to start a new project this year (there are still these leg warmers to finish) but I'm flirting with the idea of making my own soft chunky throw for the sofa. Time consuming project, I know, eps. for an impatient gal like me, but I've been eyeing this amazing all white knit blanket by Purl Bee quite a time not to give it a try!

P.s. This braided cable throw on West Elm is beautiful, in case you prefer shopping to knitting ;)

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Vintage kilim rugs on sale

Thursday, October 24, 2013
Vintage flat weaves kilim rugs on sale at One Kings Lane

A lot of you asked me about that amazing kilim rug in yesterday's post. I don't know where this particular one is from but I do know that One Kings Lane is having a huge sale on vintage kilim rugs and pillows; a great opportunity to grab one for your home on a budget! The above pieces got my attention but there are so many more patterns and sizes to choose from.  Find the sale here and hurry up as they seem to sell out faster than light!

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Wednesday, October 23, 2013
Handmade brass wall sconce by onefortythree

When one sees great stuff online, one must share. This is the case with these amazing handmade lights designed and manufactured by Logan Hendrickson, a self taught crafter who learned all the skills needed to furnish his new household a few years ago. You have to pay a visit to his online shop, onefortythree; there are some really cool furniture and home accessories to have a look at too. Also find Logan in his blog and etsy shop.

Handmade brass swing arm wall sconce by onefortythree
Handmade brass string lights by onefortythree

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Living room mezzanine ©James Stokes

Now, here's a spot that wakes up the child in me. I so want to climb up on this petite mezzanine, located in this amazing home in the Netherlands, and pretend that I'm the princess to a spell bounded fortress, hidden in the high tower, waiting for the prince to come to the rescue. Well, maybe I'd just spend long hours with my laptop on pinterest (here's for being honest) but that's ok too I guess ;)

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Image by James Stokes via VT Wohnen.

A small and masculine apartment

Tuesday, October 22, 2013
The small apartment of stylist Saša Antić, photo by Jonas Ingerstedt

I just love the muted tones and the pattern mix in Saša Antić's apartment. It's his job to make them work anyway. And so is to manipulate the very little 24 sq.m. of his apartment space. The result is totally gorgeous. You can see the whole place here.

The small apartment of stylist Saša Antić, photo by Jonas Ingerstedt
The small apartment of stylist Saša Antić, photo by Jonas Ingerstedt

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ETSY MIX: Banners and flags

Handmade and vintage flags, banners and signs via Etsy

While spending some time on Etsy yesterday, I came across this cute yes banner and had a small epiphany. Maybe I should decorate one of my walls with a smart and pretty banner instead of yet another framed art print. There are lots of beauties to pick from, with phrases to identify with, symbols or just plain and in various forms, like single or bunting flags and signs. I love that most of them are made of fabric which will add a warmth on the walls during the cold months, like these felt pennant flags. Do you like banners? Would you decorate your walls with one of them?

Shop this collection: 1.Yes affirmation banner (Secret Holiday Co., $60), 2.Be Kind wall sign (My Bearded Pigeon, $31.76), 3.Linen fabric banner bunting (Lovely Home Idea, $40+), 4.Vintage Red Cross flag (Lovintagefinds, $65), 5.Star Wars pennant flags (Betawife, $100)

P.s. You can catch up with my etsy finds here and see the whole collection of my etsy favorites here.

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A mediterranean garden in Crete

Monday, October 21, 2013
A mediterranean garden in a summer house in Heraklion, Crete ©Eleni Psyllaki
A mediterranean garden in a summer house in Heraklion, Crete ©Eleni Psyllaki

New post on Grecian Paradise; check out this amazing mediterranean outdoors I had the chance to shoot a few days ago. Colorful plants, natural materials and a view to die for, all sparkling under the still sunny autumn cretan sky. See more photos here.

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Apartment in Cannes

The elegant apartment of Nicolai and Julie of Stylejunky in Cannes via Femina ©Mikkel Adsbøl

No wonder why I picked this amazing place for today's house tour. The apartment of Nicolai and Juliet in Cannes has it all. The basic two tone color palette consisting mostly of black, white and neutrals, the scandinavian design approach of less is more, the mix of sleek designer pieces with the rough finishes of the otherwise elegant architectural form are all a part of this understated glamorous interior.

Sunday bliss is..

Sunday, October 20, 2013
Small balcony with cushy floor pillow
Easy homemade veggie pizza recipe by Simone Anne

..cuddling up on cushy floor pillows in a tiny balcony with favorite magazines and a big piece of homemade veggie pizza.

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Seems I can't find the source to the first image. Please, if you know the right credit, leave a comment below. Thanks!

Weekend countdown

Saturday, October 19, 2013
The neutral cushy styling of Taru's sofa via Sort Of Pink
This big statement chalkboard leaning on the kitchen wall by Mokkasin

5 links to inspire
 This sky art is so smart.
 Rustic english countryside and a farm to adore.
 Decorate with branches.
 So many things to learn from these short video Design Talks.
 Latest pinterest addiction.

4 links to shop
 Yet another beautiful rug.
 I want one of these just for the sake of it.
 Love this rustic industrial kitchen cart.
 This tweaked thrifted cabinet.

3 post from this week
 This is how my dream home would probably look like.
 Built in bunk beds are so cool.
 Check out my latest living room DECORATE project!

2 images for visual inspiration
  Top: The neutral cushy styling of Taru's sofa.
∾ Bottom: This big statement chalkboard leaning on the kitchen wall.

1 post to remember
 Interiors with brick walls and a loft atmosphere.

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DECORATE: living room w/ home office

Thursday, October 17, 2013
Decorating idea for a small living room with a home office by
Decorating a small living room is challenging as is. What if you have to make extra room for you home office? Those of you who work from their tiny apartment know exactly what I mean. In today's hypothetical DECORATE scenario we'll be dealing with this case; a typical 3.9m*5.2m (42*56 square feet) room that serves as a living room and home office.
Firstly, I've created two visual zones to separate the two different functions. The living room space is defined by the corner sofa and the rug and is located next to the balcony door, whereas the smaller home office zone has the desk and the wall shelving.
I've picked a cushy corner sofa as the main seating option and I skipped the armchair on purpose. Instead, I prefered a floor cushion for it is lighter and easier to move around. I also used a wall lamp instead of a floor one for the same reason. The furniture and accessories for this room are light and airy with a subtle vintage aura (like the amazing desk) or a delicate industrial flair (like the cabinet). 
As for the color palette, I played with grays, pastels and some brass and copper hues on a white canvas (I was thinking the floor might be a light hardwood one).
You can see all the products I used for this room decoration after the jump. Please, leave a comment with your feedback. I'd love to see what you think of this room!


Wednesday, October 16, 2013
Built in bunk beds in a moroccan home

As an avid admirer of any built in furniture, I just fell head over heels for this amazing bunk bed! You could as well call it a small bedroom with a petite sleeping attic, which is even greater, considering all the storage created under the concrete staircase and behind the headboard. This room belongs to an equally impressive house in Essaouira, Morocco, which you can rent for your next holidays. Swoon!

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Smart office organizers

Safety pins by Cox & Cox

When it comes to home office organization, Cox & Cox has a bunch of great things to help you out. Apart from the classic and adorned wire baskets and racks, which come in plenty shapes and sizes, I'm smitten by these oversized safety pins. Aren't they super cute? 

Useful Hooks Wall Rack by Cox & Cox
Wire Desk Tidy by Cox & Cox

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ETSY MIX: Rustic deli

Tuesday, October 15, 2013
Rustic deli finds on #etsy

We're still waiting for cloudy weather to show up over here, just to get into the October mood, with the moist smell of the wet ground (is there such thing? I don't even remember) and the yellow leaves all around, the baked apple pies with tons of cinnamon and the warm cocoa drinks. Too hot for that for the time being. On another note, I was really impressed to come across the 3d printed beef cuts cookie cutter the other day (yes, simple yet smart products are my soft spot) so I decided to build today's Etsy mix around it. Did you know that Etsy is full of high quality handmade edible goodies? I'd love to try this honeyed citrus marmalade and the dark raw chocolate looks so pure and real to miss out. 

Shop this collection: 1.Honeyed citrus marmalade (Copper Pot & Wooden Spoon, $8.25), 2.Vintage European red enamel pot (86Home, $78), 3.Beef cuts cookie cutter (Printmeneer, $13.25), 4.Primitive country plate rack kitchen cupboard (Red Rooster B&B,  5.Plain Ecuadorian Arriba raw chocolate bar (Raw Chocolate by Ailey Mae, $5.75).

P.s. You can catch up with my etsy finds here and see the whole collection of my etsy favorites here.

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Putting together the house of my dreams

Monday, October 14, 2013

Have you ever tried to put together a style board for your dream home? I mean, gather photos of rooms and interiors that got your attention and made you dream, put them all together side by side and figure out a scheme that unites them into a coherent pattern? I do that all the time. Well, it is my job to do so for others, but I just love doing that for myself too. The only thing is that I change my mind more than a lot when it comes to my dream place. So many option to choose from and an endless source of inspiration on my screen every single day. Thankfully, in a dream world, this is not a problem. Today's picks describe a clear, white home with neutral touches, a subtle rustic approach and a warm scandinavian take. Have a look after the jump and tell me what you think ^^.

Sunday bliss is..

Sunday, October 13, 2013
Romantic country bedroom via Sköna Hem
Caramel apple pancakes recipe by Sarah Kieffer for @followcharlotte

..getting up really late from this bed only to find these mouth watering caramel apple pancakes waiting for you in the kitchen.

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