A chic 42 spm apartment in Sweden

Monday, September 30, 2013
A chic 42 spm apartment in Sweden

How do you make a small apartment look stylish and spacious? The answer is well-known and this tiny apartment in Stockholm is such an amazing example of the case. With a small open plan to include a sofa and a dining table, a kitchen with sleek white cabinetry that extents to the living room, a bedroom and a bathroom, this apartment seems more than enough. The large window brings a generous amount of daylight indoors, which along with the bright hues and the pale, monochromatic combinations and the sleek surfaces make the space look bigger than it actually is. The furnishings are kept to the necessary minimum, consisting of a gray corner sofa, a dining table, a white console and some shelves. The difference is in the details though. The brass lighting fixtures and an incredible brass sink and faucet, visible from the living room act like noteworthy jewelry to the subtle decorated apartment.

Sunday bliss is..

Sunday, September 29, 2013
Patterned tiles splashback kitchen ©Eve Wilson via The Design Files
Coconut angel food cake with greek yogurt frosting recipe by @topwithcinnamon

..baking a coconut angel food cake with greek yogurt frosting in this kitchen while reading Izy's blog and trying not to laugh out loud really hard (this girl is so amazing!).

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Weekend countdown

Saturday, September 28, 2013
The leather chairs in Emily Henderson's home.
The living room of Living Illusion blog

5 links to inspire
 Beautiful fashion store interior design (via Est Magazine).
 How to do nothing (via Kinfolk).
 Designer's nightmares designed.
 Always fond of a bright apartment.
 This  rural hotel in Mallorca.

4 links to shop
 Would love this for my wall.
 This Escher inspired geometric rug.
 A knitted pouf now that days get chillier.
 I'm drooling over this urban loft collection.

3 post from this week
 I finally redecorated my home office
 My Paradissi in a book!
 Decorate your living room with a casual loft style.

2 images for visual inspiration
  Top: The leather chairs in Emily Henderson's home.
∾ Bottom: How cozy is the living room of Lene? I adore the leather sofa!

1 post to remember
 Warm white interiors inspiration.

P.s. Don't forget to enter the giveaway to win a free copy of the interior design book written entirely by bloggers (and me ^^) here.

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DECORATE: The living room

Friday, September 27, 2013
Decorate your living room floor plan by myparadissi.com

I've been meaning to do this post quite a time now. Those of you who read My Paradissi over the years know my love of style boards (new readers check this and that one for a starter). I love collecting furniture and accessories from various online stores and create moodboards that someone could adopt in his/her interior as a whole or partially or simply be inspired by them. There are tons of beautiful products out there, the only hard thing is to make a successful combination of them and not get lost while trying, if you know what I mean (well, the budget may be an obstacle too..). 
I knew that  my style boards were incomplete in one sense, though. It is one thing to see photos of the products and another to see a layout of them depicted on a floor plan. When put on paper you can see how the work together, their size and usage, thus imagine the space a lot easier. So, I decided to start a new series in this blog called DECORATE. In these series I'll deal with imaginary spaces that I'll be decorating as a whole. There will be a reference floor plan and detailed shopping lists that will include furniture, lighting, accessories and art.
Starting off today with a project I've been visualising a few days now. It is a living room decorated with a loft style in mind where I incorporate industrial and rustic accents with some more glam and eclectic pieces. You'll find all the furniture and accessories collections after the jump. I hope you get inspired for some serious interior decorating yourselves! xoxo

My Paradissi in a book and a giveaway!

Thursday, September 26, 2013
My Paradissi in a book! Wohnideen Aus Dem Wahren Leben book by interior design bloggers published by Callwey

It's high time I shared with you the great news I've been mumbling about on my social media for some time now. I'm co-writing a book about interior design along with a team of amazing bloggers! A few months ago I was contacted by german publishing Callwey to be asked if I wanted to take part in a new book that would be entirely written by bloggers. Well, guess what, I said yes! It is a huge honor to work with such a team and I more that flattered to have the photos of my home amongst the best of the best interiors, designed and decorated entirely by bloggers.

My Paradissi in a book! Wohnideen Aus Dem Wahren Leben book by interior design bloggers published by Callwey

The title of the book "Wohnideen Aus Dem Wahren Leben" translates as "Living Ideas from Real Life" and is literally as such. The everyday decor and home arrangements of 15 amazing bloggers put on paper for you to flip through and dream. You will find inspiration for every room of the house along with text and quotes written by each one. The text, unfortunately, is in german but the book is all about the images (as any interior design book) so you can still enjoy without understanding the language. You can get a copy of the book here.

Reclaimed tin can planters by myparadissi.com ©Eleni Psyllaki

I'd like to present you the bloggers that participated in this book, to get a rough idea of how brilliant it actually is: Holly Becker of Decor8, Igor Josifovic of Happy Interior Blog, Vera of Nicest Things, Nadine of Herz-allerliebst, Kerstin of Sanvie, Nina Holst of Stylizimo, Kerstin Reilemann and Berit Luedecke of Snug Studio, Ricarda Nieswandt of 23qm Stil, Holly Marder of Avenue, Desiree Groenendaal of Vosgesparis, Yvonne Eijkenduijn of The Yvestown Blog, Line Klein of The Klein, Jeanette Lunde of By Fryd, Gudy Herder of Eclectic Trends and me ^^
My Paradissi in a book! Wohnideen Aus Dem Wahren Leben book by interior design bloggers published by Callwey

To celebrate the occasion I'm giving away two copies of the book. To enter the giveaway you just leave a comment below. For an extra chance to win you can share this giveaway on your social media and leave an extra comment that you did so (along with the link/name of the share). The winners will be notified by email so please be sure you leave your email in the allocated comment box or in your comment. This giveaway ends on Friday 4th of October. Good luck!

Coffee table styling by myparadissi.com ©Eleni Psyllaki

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My home office redo

Wednesday, September 25, 2013
The home office redecoration of My Paradissi ©Eleni Psyllaki #office #redo #renovation #after

I have, from time to time, showcased my house in this blog. You've seen my living room in a few occasions, my bedroom, my dining spot, my outdoor (if you can call it this way) but not my office whatsoever (I guess this shot doesn't really count). Truth is I disliked my workspace. No, I actually hated it. And, funny enough, that's the exact space I spent the most time of my day in. 


Kitchen with blue cabinetry, white tiled splashback and wooden floor.

The design of this kitchen is as easy and effortless as counting one, two, three. From top to bottom, check the square white tiles splashback (one), the sleek slate blue cabinetry (two) and the wide board unprocessed wooden floor (three). Different design approaches that, although not obviously complementing each other in a first approach, they look so well bound together. 

P.s. Ideas on open kitchen shelving and these uncommon stark country kitchens.

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ETSY MIX: Misty walk

Tuesday, September 24, 2013
#etsy style board by myparadissi.com

Same thing goes on every year around here; although we're officially into fall a couple of days now and, there is a hint of cool weather in the air, Greece is still under a sunny summer vail. I really miss the rain and the smell of the freshly wet ground and I keep playing fall tunes with a dire wish that cozy darker skies will soon come along. I also put together Etsy style boards with a misty feeling, just like this one above, and soak in all the muted colors and the moody textures =)

Shop this collection: 1.On the way to Kashmir mountain photography (M Chiu Shop, $30), 2.Extra wide infinity scarf (Theorium, $28.95), 3.Driftwood feathers print (River Luna, $20), 4.Vintage enamel mug (Lovintagefinds, $12), 5.Small birch house (2of2, $39.50).

P.s. You can catch up with my etsy finds here and see the whole collection of my etsy favorites here.

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Joint Editorial Offices

Monday, September 23, 2013
The offices of Joint Editorial by Jessica Helgerson Interior Design. Photo by Lincoln Barbour.

It is a fact. After almost 4 years working from my home office I completely adore the idea of sorting out my to do lists and replying formal emails in my pajamas at my own pace (eps. now that I'm redecorating my workspace). I could, however, make an exception for these amazing offices of Joint Editorial designed by architect Vallaster Corl Architects and Jessica Helgerson. This place is so awesome; the definition of industrial cozy. The loft space used to be a warehouse and office for General Electric Supply Corporation and has this distinct raw feeling old used facility buildings have, only this one is magnificently refined by Jessica to a contemporary welcoming interior that implements creativity and teamwork. I love the warm hues of the exposed beams and the wooden floors combined with the bare concrete walls, the metalworks, the open space plans and all the plants and greenery that add a fresh vibe to the design. No more talking, I let the photos do the rest of the work ;)

By Nord

The autumn/winter 2013 By Nord home collection

Love the crisp and rustic sleek atmosphere of the new Autumn/Winter 2013 collection of By Nord. This shop never fails to bring out the best of its products, I say! You can browse through the new catalogue here and stay a bit patient until their web shop goes live again in a few weeks.

The autumn/winter 2013 By Nord home collection
The autumn/winter 2013 By Nord home collection
The autumn/winter 2013 By Nord home collection
The autumn/winter 2013 By Nord home collection
The autumn/winter 2013 By Nord home collection

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Sunday bliss is..

Sunday, September 22, 2013
Toast Catalogue AW13
Blueberry cream cheese coffee cake recipe by HowTo: Simplify

..spending the day on the bed with a good book and a piece of blueberry cream cheese coffee cake.

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Weekend countdown

Saturday, September 21, 2013
Masculine noir living room via The Socialite Family
Dark fall hues of Saint Crispin ©Mark Townsend

5 links to inspire
 Amazing collage of female portraits throughout the centuries.
 This simple yet cozy apartment (via Coco Lapine).
 This post has inspired me a lot lately (via elembee).
 So many real life tiny houses
 Would love a 5 minute diy (via Love from Ginger).

4 links to shop
 These handmade carved pots are amazing.
 This porthole mirror for a shabby coastal look.
 An adventurer's mug.
 Beautiful rustic console.

3 post from this week
 A must visit guest house (when in Australia..)
 What's on your nightstand?
 White bathroom tiles are a trend.

2 images for visual inspiration
  Top: The masculine noir atmosphere of this living room.
∾ Bottom: The dark fall hues of this photo shoot of Saint Crispin (photo by Mark Townsend)

1 post to remember
 This amazing beach house at St. Barth.

P.s. Some great news! The book I'm co-writing with a bunch of great other interior design bloggers under the umbrella of Callwey Publishing is now in the shop! Promise I'll be more specific about it in a detailed post this coming week!

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DIY: Copper vase

Friday, September 20, 2013
Diy copper vase tutorial by Nicole of The Felted Fox

Here's one of the most creative diys I've come across recently.  This sleek copper vase looks like it comes straight out of a high-end store catalogue and merely looks like the result of a simple and really straight-forward diy. The idea/project belongs to Nicole of The Felted Fox and had it while she conducted some plumbing works at her house. You should hop over to her blog to check out the how to and why not, create a bunch of these beauties over the weekend!

P.s. You can also make rope vases, gilded bud vases or buy these beautiful handmade one made by Emily Reinhardt.

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White bathroom tiles

Thursday, September 19, 2013
White bathroom tiles with dark joints ©Dos Family

If someone told me that there'll be a day that I'd be posting about white tiles with dark joints I'd probably laugh (out loud). Geez, that sounds like the definition of bad (boring) taste, I'd reply. But then, like the way all things happen nowadays, I came across some very inspiring bathrooms bearing such walls and I totally changed my mind. I find the contrasting joints to create a sophisticated geometrical pattern that matches the neo retro attitude that's been trending these days. This, along with the sleek almost shiny white tile surface, become the ideal background to play with vintage accessories in warm brass and wooden hues and art pieces that reference to older ages. Plus, they are easy to find in rented apartments, so one should better find a way to make amends with them rather than curse each and every time they visit the bathroom. Enough facts already to embrace such design. Or not? What do you think?
White bathroom tiles with dark joints ©Sean Fennessy
White bathroom tiles with dark joints ©Michael Graydon
White bathroom tiles with dark joints ©J. Ingerstedt
White bathroom tiles with dark joints ©Franne Voigt

P.s. Such tiles work equally great in a kitchen. Also,  more white tiles bathroom inspiration here, here and there. Oh, and this wall!

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Image credits:
1.Dos Family, 2.Sean Fennessy via The Design Files, 3.Michael Graydon via House and Home, 4.J. Ingerstedt, 5.Franne Voigt

10 creative bedside tables

Wednesday, September 18, 2013
Creative bedside table ©Amelle Habib

A nightstand is one of those design elements inside a house that serve more of a function than a decorative vanity. And I kind of learnt that the hard way. I've been wearing glasses since I remember myself but happened to grow in a bedroom with no bedside table (don't ask why; stupid but that a fact). It was a mere revelation to realise that I actually could keep my glasses on a surface other than the floor and not wake up in fear that I'd might step on them or in best case scenario kick the way under my bed and act like a monkey to reach them out. Anyway, that's just a short funny story that brought me a little closer to what a well designed space means and that some furniture are actually there for a reason. Now, as a grown up lady I swear by my little bedside table where I always keep my current reading books, a glass of water and my mobile/alarm clock along with my pair of glasses; all the necessary stuff for a good nights sleep that is. 
And that being said, here's some inspiration about pretty and creative nightstands.

Quote of the day

Always there comes an hour when one is weary of one's work and devotion to duty, and all one craves for is a loved face, the warmth and wonder of a loving heart. Quote by Albert Camus

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ETSY MIX: Nostalgic yellow

Tuesday, September 17, 2013
Vintage and handmade items inspired by fall via #etsy

It is this time of the year that I'm attracted mostly to muted colors with mustard yellow to be one of my favorites. Given that as an inspiration I've gathered a few lovely finds for my favorite Etsy that have this distinct autumn vibe. I have to pick out this amazingly cute ottoman by foutu tissu which would look incredibly good in my living room. Which ones would be you picks from this list?

Shop this collection: 1.Retro radio transistor (The Things That Were, $12), 2.Mid century piano bench (Charlie's Nest, $115), 3.Round ottoman with Montreal pattern (foutu tissu, $244.54), 4.Brass candle holders (Cheerfulowl, $18), 5.Handprinted cloth napkins (Anna Joyce, $42).

P.s. You can catch up with my etsy finds here and see the whole collection of my etsy favorites here.

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Orchard Keepers

Monday, September 16, 2013
Orchard Keepers country guest house © Sharyn Cairns via Est Magazine

Sometimes color feels a little overwhelming and, on a Monday morning, there is nothing more in my head than the silence and discretion of black and white. That being said, I couldn't find a more appropriate place to share with you today than this amazingly moody retreat in Red Hill, Victoria. It is the country roughness and the extended palette of the grays, browns and beiges that bring a cozy and welcoming vibe to Orchard Keepers. More than a rustic lodge and far from a stark contemporary design, the interiors reflect the character of its owner, Pos Sampieri, who prefered a country life to her past corporate days. Had it not been on the other side of the world, I'd be thrilled to spend a few days in this place, feel the easiness of the muted shades, the raw materials and the orchards and vines that hide out this sophisticated country retreat. 

Sunday bliss is..

Sunday, September 15, 2013
Bright kitchen spot via Sköna Hem
Winter Tabouli recipe via The Design Files #recipe #salad

..snacking on a winter inspired tabouli salad in this bright kitchen spot.

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Weekend countdown

Saturday, September 14, 2013
Dark blue living room © Jeltje Janmaat Elle Decor Uk
Sleek and rustic kitchen © Marcus Lawett

5 links to inspire
 Geometric stenciled floors (via Remodelista).
 The loft of the founder of Tumblr is not gadget friendly (via T Magazine).
 10 signs you should quit your job and become a designer (via The Huffington Post).
 The house of Roseline in Edinburgh is equally glamorous to her blog (via Design Sponge).
 Love these minimalistic philographics  (via io9).

4 links to shop
 This retro wall clock.
 This stunning table lamp.
 I so want this yellow cottage chair.
 This cloud bread board is so cute.

3 post from this week
 This casual scandinavian apartment.
 Fancy ideas to decorate your bathroom.
 Picking modern chandeliers.

2 images for visual inspiration
  Top: The dark blue wall of this living room and the matching sofa.
∾ Bottom: The mix and match of sleek and rustic in this kitchen (photo by Marcus Lawett)

1 post to remember
 My living room a year ago (hasn't change that much since)

P.s. The Icon Wall Sticker giveaway is over and the winners have been contacted. Thanks for playing!

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DIY: Wooden chair makeover

Friday, September 13, 2013
How to update an old wooden chair with fabric scraps. DIY tutorial by Sincerely, Kinsey #diy #tutorial

I was smitten by the cuteness of this project I came across lately. I mean, how sweet is this multi colored fabric scrap woven chair seat? Using your old t-shirt shrugs to update a distressed old chair can be a fun and creative project and actually a lot easier that it looks. I'm not sure whether you can sit on it in the end but definitely worth the trouble to be used as a decorative piece or side table. Hop over to Sincerely, Kinsey's blog to see the how to.

P.s. Find more diy ideas on the blog and on my pinterest.

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Modern chandeliers

Thursday, September 12, 2013
Modern chandeliers roundup at myparadissi.com

I'm designing an interior project these days and I'm currently on the lookout for a statement ceiling light for the living room. I'm thinking of a chandelier fixture with a mid century aura, little sleek, little rustic, in rusty golden or black hues. I want it to match a lofty aesthetic. Here's a quick roundup of some gems I came across while searching. Which one is your favorite? I'm thinking the Margeaux chandelier or the Grand Bank one for their spherical, orbit resembling shape. Aren't they amazing?

Shop this collection: 1.Noir Sprinkle chandelier (Zinc Door, $384), 2.Laura Kirar Caviar chandelier smoke glass by Arteriors (Zinc Door, $3,360), 3.Gray Irving burlap lamp shades (World Market, $59.99), 4.Margeaux chandelier 5 lights by Hinkley Lighting (Wayfair, $659), 5.Eastvale chandelier 3 lights by Quoizel (Wayfair, $449.99), 6.Grand Bank chandelier 8 lights by Kichler (Wayfair, $1,250), 7.Oglethorpe chandelier 3lights (Sugarboo & Co, $3,000).

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10 fancy toilet decorating ideas

Wednesday, September 11, 2013
10 fancy toilet decorating ideas via Nuevo Estilo

When we talk about design, with ought to talk about design in every itsy bitsy spot of the house. Although we've seen beautiful bathrooms decorated in all sorts of styles (check rustic, romantic, industrial, happy, nautical, eclectic) and we thoroughly discussed about bathroom walls, tiles, bathtubs, showers, sinks and storage, we left the toilet part out of the conversation. Truthfully, it's not the most delicate thing to chat about but needs our design attention equally if not more than all the other corners of the house due to its, let's face it, not that attractive nature. I've gathered a bunch of inspiring photos for that matter, where the focal point is the toilet, the flush and the walls around. Promise, they're prettier than you'll ever imagine ;)


An ethnic kitchen with stone sink and colored tiles by Vera Iachia.

This kitchen is part of an amazing cabana designed by Vera Iachia. The carved stone sink and the square tiles in all shades of cool greens and blues are such a perfect fit for a summer retreat with an ethnic vibe. Not to mention the bamboo lattice cabinet doors and creative twig board to hang those pots and pans on. So many great ideas in just one photo!

P.s. These marble sinks and this eclectic kitchen.

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Image via Vera Iachia.