Weekend countdown

Saturday, August 31, 2013
Cozy scandinavian living room via stadshem
All white bedroom with fireplace via Jane Cumberbatch's Pure Style photo ©Rachel Whiting

5 links to inspire
 Holly's tips on personal style, design and inspiration (via decor8).
 This rustic house in France (via LatteLisa).
 Subway tile is back on track (via The Interior Collective).
 I die for risotto. Especially this one (via Pratos & Travessas).
 Bold green kitchen cabinetry is fun (via Apartment Therapy).

4 links to shop
 This is not your average dining table.
 This storage cabinet.
 This amazing gilded tray table.
 These lace trim kitchen towels.

3 post from this week
 A neo rustic home in rural France.
 Why this eclectic kitchen works so well.
 10 of the coziest window seats around.

2 images for visual inspiration
  Top: This cozy scandinavian living room is so inspiring.
∾ Bottom: An all white bedroom with fireplace; yes, please! (photo by Rachel Whiting)

1 post to remember
 Into the mood of falling leaves.

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10 cozy window seat nooks

Thursday, August 29, 2013
Cozy window seat ©Sarah Widman

So, this is it; we're officially heading towards cooler weather and yellow falling leaves as we'll be entering the first week of September in a couple of days. I have to be frank with you. This year, more than any year in the past, I longed for the freshness of fall a little too much. I have so much going on in my head and so many exciting things to work on that I felt like a fish out of water with the summer break and the overall chilled out attitude. I'm eager to welcome my favorite month with a really cozy post that has to do with a favorite subject of mine. Nooks. Cozy seats next to a window, often recessed, with cushy pillows, soft fabrics and a great view to the outdoors. What's better that to gaze outside the large window at the fresh fall pouring rain? Funny thing is that, here in Crete, we had a completely dry year (no rain since something like April) and I totally miss the cleansing and invigorating power of falling raindrops. The following photos are here to get us into some serious autumn mood. Enjoy, my friends!

Singulares Magazine

Singulares magazine #6. Photo ©Irene Berni

I'm ecstatic about the newest issue of Singulares magazine. Really, it's been awhile since I drooled over each single page of a magazine and that's exactly what has just happened today (whilst completely neglecting my piling to do list, hmm). I'm sharing with you a few photos of this issue as a mere trigger and pledge you to browse through its amazing pages asap!

Singulares magazine #6. Photo ©Irene Berni
Singulares magazine #6. Photo ©Blas López
Singulares magazine #6. Photo ©Blas López
Singulares magazine #6. Photo ©Federic Landin
Singulares magazine #6. Photo ©Jordi Canosa
Singulares magazine #6. Photo ©Jordi Canosa

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All photos via Singulares magazine #6.
Photo credits: 1,2.Irene Berni, 3,4.Blas López, 5.Federic Landin, 6,7.Jordi Canosa

Quote of the day

Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Don't resist them -  that only creates sorrow. Quote by Lao Tzu

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Eclectic kitchen unraveled

Wednesday, August 28, 2013
Eclectic kitchen designed by Montse Esteva via Nuevo Estilo #eclectic #interiors #kitchen
Eclectic kitchen designed by Montse Esteva via Nuevo Estilo #eclectic #interiors #kitchen

This small kitchen was some sort of epiphany to me. It was like wow, I have to tear this place into pieces and find how all those contrasting pieces of furniture and accessories work so well together. 
The amazing architecture (check concrete patterned tile floor, vaulted brick ceiling and ample daylight coming in through the window) is enhanced by the sophisticated mix and match of those accessories. 
A neon pink marais a side chair complements the vintage drop leaf table and the romantic china set on it. The distressed wooden stool along with the white lattice cabinet doors, understate the starkness of the inox appliances. So does the iron votive chandelier next to the metallic industrial pendant. Take notice of how the bronze door pulls match the light wooden shades of the accents, the gilded artwork and even the tan ceiling. It's all in the details, love! 

Enjoy more kitchen inspiration: open shelving in the kitchen, stark country kitchens, unrefined kitchens, make your tiny kitchen work, modern rustic kitchens, kitchens with built in cabinetry, blackboards in the kitchen, this flirty kitchen.

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Kitchen design by Montse Esteva. Photos via Nuevo Estilo.

ETSY MIX: Neutrals

Tuesday, August 27, 2013
Neutral shades #etsy finds by myparadissi.com

I'm quite attracted to neutral shades lately. I miss the serenity of white, soft grays and beiges in my apartment to the point I'm thinking of getting rid of all the dark hues on my home walls and just paint them all in a plain ol' white. Before that, here's some soothing inspiration I came across on Etsy lately.

Shop this collection: 1.Single white sea urchin planter (Sea and Asters, $10), 2.Wood textile stamp flower 281 (TATA Indian Wood Stamps, $14.50), 3.Four mugs without handles (Julia Paul Pottery, $100), 4.Elderly couple fabric dolls (Timo Handmade, $70), 5.Orla in fog cushion cover (Skinny LaMinx, $38)

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Neo rustic summer house, France

Monday, August 26, 2013
The neo rustic french countryside summer house of Isis-Colombe Combréas #rustic #interiors

This week starts off with a few fave words of mine; neo, rustic, french, countryside, interiors. These words do look good in one sentence, don't you agree? Just wait to see how they meet their high standards in the photos right below! Today's house tour is about the summer house of Isis-Colombe Combréas, the editor of Milk Magazine, and her family, in the small french isle of Rhé. There is this great dose of unrefined rustic charm in a house that is deprived of the unnecessities but brims with a fresh nostalgia of a carefree living close to nature. I am in love with the muted shades, the distressed furniture, the natural materials and the sparse choice of eclectic accessories either from flea market or high end designers. 

Sunday bliss is..

Sunday, August 25, 2013
French country linens in pink and white via @lookslikewhite
Strawberry shortcake cookies recipe by @spoonforkbacon #recipe #cookies

..waking up on cushy pink and white french country linens and snacking on strawberry shortcake cookies right afterwards.

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Weekend countdown

Saturday, August 24, 2013
The house of Agnes, photographed by Sofia Byström.
Turquoise kitchen cabinetry. Photo by Sharyn Cairns via homelife  #turquoise #kitchen

5 links to inspire
 This home renovation is just wow.
 Stop planning. Start doing.
 If the world were a village of 100 people.
 Kinfolk events always look so beautiful.
 Moroccan and scandinavian design work so well together!

4 links to shop
 This wall task lamp.
 Go back to school with this desk.
 This sign for my kitchen.
 Want everything from this list.

3 post from this week
 Eclectic bohemian style in this South African home.
 Get inspired by this fresh contemporary bedroom.
 Add art on your walls.

2 images for visual inspiration
  Top: The house of Agnes, photographed by Sofia Byström.
∾ Bottom: The turquoise cabinetry of this kitchen (photo by Sharyn Cairns)

1 post to remember
 Peaceful Casa La Siesta boutique hotel in rural south Spain.

P.s. Get a 10% off your buys from PumkinBreadDesigns on Etsy with promo code 'PARADISSI'.

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Art for your wall

Friday, August 23, 2013
Art for your wall ©Prue Ruscoe

There is a confession I have to make to you, my friends. I have a really hard time to pick art for my walls. I find it a lot more easier to suggest art pieces and photography to my clients, to curate inspiring boards for the blog even to pick some pieces that would look swell in my apartment but that's about all. I never take that leap of actually buying an art piece. And, that makes my walls empty and my eyes sad. You know, it is so hard when you are continuously surrounded by pretty things to commit yourself into one or two that will stay with you for a long time and keep you company on your lonely days from the walls of your abode. That said, take with me a small trip to the emotions of beautifully curated art on home walls.

DIY: Sharpie wallpaper

Thursday, August 22, 2013
How to make a sharpie wallpaper tutorial by @vintagerevivals #diy #tutorial

There is always a wallpaper or a decal that you can use to decorate your wall. Then, there is a more creative way to put your own unique style on it by grabbing a paintbrush or a sharpie and do your own thing. You don't need more than a great idea to start (and I guess some patience too). Take this wall for example. Mandi of Vintage Revivals did a simple geometrical pattern with a golden sharpie. The result is pretty wow, don't you agree? Simple, straight forward and with a hint of glamour (blame the golden hue for that). Looks so easy that gets my hands itchy to try it out. Would you give it a go too? See the how to here.

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A fresh contemporary bedroom

Wednesday, August 21, 2013
The fresh contemporary bedroom of Brooke Pertzel via The Design Files #bedroom

Running across Brooke Pertzel's fresh bedroom this morning was a instant kick of inspiration. You know this feeling that a place speaks right into your heart just so much that you somehow project yourself into it and completely sense its surroundings, the smell of the fresh linen, the outcast light that enters the window, the softness of the fluffy pillows and spontaneously reach out to that cup of tea waiting for you on the nightstand? It is said that great design is not visible, it's more like a feeling and an ongoing flow of energy. Brooke knows about these things, she's an interior designer after all! Be sure not to miss the rest of her house in The Design Files.

The fresh contemporary bedroom of Brooke Pertzel via The Design Files #bedroom
Fresh contemporary bedroom shopping list inspiration #bedroom #shopping

Shop this collection: black copper geometric terrarium kit by The Land Of Salt (Etsy, $72), Fall Candy II watercolor painting by Luise Art Studio (Etsy, $105), grasshopper floor lamp by Control Brand (Amazon, $318.39), aurora nightstand by Tema (Wayfair, $416.51), tip ton side chair by Vitra (Wayfair, $355), v decorative pillow in black by Jiti Pillows (Wayfair, $50.44), berry peridot pillow cover (Serena & Lily, $64), set of 2 medium ceramic bowls in black by RossLab (Etsy, $64), white pickstitch matelasse (Serena & Lily, $230)

The fresh contemporary bedroom of Brooke Pertzel via The Design Files #bedroom

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Hang on my wall

Tuesday, August 20, 2013
Animal pixel series Menagerie by canadian artist Laura Bifano #etsy #art
Animal pixel series Menagerie by canadian artist Laura Bifano #etsy #art

These twisted vintage paintings with the quirky pixelated animals by canadian artist Laura Bifano.

Peacock ($44.69)
Deer ($44.69)

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Johannesdal in Cape Town, South Africa

Johannesdal in South Africa ©Jan Hendrik  #eclectic #house #interiors

I bet there are not many places that can beat Johannesdal in eclecticism and bohemian class. Chris and Dane's home in Cape Town, South Africa, brims with weathered antiques, collectibles and art, all sheltered inside an brutal architectural form that reminisces of modernist times.

Post vacation thoughts

Monday, August 19, 2013
Lentas village in Crete ©Eleni Psyllaki for My Paradissi #Crete #Greece

Getting back from vacation is never easy, especially when it involves long hours of emptying the mind and doing nothing more than enjoying the calming sea view, chatting with the spouse and losing myself in the pages of a favorite novel. A few days there felt like ages but flew by like seconds. Now, back on my home office, that I've missed so much, I'm finding that each moment that passes by carries a spike of inspiration, greater than before, an energy that needs a minute or two to start flowing but, when it does, god, it feels like a wild river hasting its way from the highest of mountains.

The sea and the silence were more than enough to recharge the batteries and return to a mac filled with new inspiration, ideas and a dire need of creation. I have new things on the way for, my friends, that you're about to meet in due time and I can't wait to show you. While drifting away at the calmness of the southern sea I got to realise, now more than ever, how important this blog is to me; how important you are to me. And, how, in a new contemporary way of thinking, I feel that we are close friends, that we have a lot in common, our interest, our style, our definition of having a good time and our desire to be surrounded by beauty.

I'm about to share more things with you in the following weeks, I'd like to become a part of your everyday life in the only way I know how to do it; through design. Through personalised design. That's a small introduction to what is about to come here at My Paradissi, so please, stay tuned, enjoy the beauty of design and the power of amazing decorated spaces and the rest will follow =)

Lentas village in Crete ©Eleni Psyllaki for My Paradissi #Crete #Greece
Lentas village in Crete ©Eleni Psyllaki for My Paradissi #Crete #Greece

*The photos are from Lentas village, a really petite coastal village located in southern Crete, where I spent these few days of my summer vacation. The last one is from my instagram.

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Images by Eleni Psyllaki for My Paradissi.

Summer break and a blog recap

Wednesday, August 14, 2013
Summer beach scene ©Beth Kirby @localmilk

It's finally time to switch off my lovely mac and head south for my summer vacation. We're about to spend a few good days by the beach, shore gazing and sand counting. I'll be away from the blog until Monday but I'm leaving you with a thorough recap of what's been going on around here these past months. You welcome to catch up with previous post you might have missed or just remember your fave ones right after the jump. You can also find me on instagram (yes, I finally have one too ;) where I'll be sporadically posting my whereabouts. Here's to a fine petite summer break, friends! xoxo

Rustic kitchen sinks

Tuesday, August 13, 2013
Rustic kitchen sink ©Fabrizio Cicconi for Elle Decoration

There is something very inspiring in old, country style kitchen sinks, don't you agree? Maybe a grandmother preparing a soul soothing dinner somewhere around the corner or all those memories that the natural materials bare by themselves. Either way I find them fascinating and probably I'll have my own to wash the dishes in my future dream cottage ^^

A cozy modern home in Texas

Monday, August 12, 2013
A cozy modern home in Texas © Adrienne Breaux via @apttherapy

This renovated 20ies bungalow is the latest home of Sam and Anne. The artistic couple sure does know how to make a house look like home (check out their previous abode) and with the help of Alterstudio Architects the final transformation is pretty wow! A spacious interior with modern influences sounds like a boring modernist blah but it's not the case here. Polished concrete floors and sleek marble kitchen island are mixed with cozy furnishings, bohemian textiles and warm woods to create a welcoming atmosphere that suits a new family of three. The extended use of artworks on the walls along with personal collections (like Sam's guitars displayed on the wall) add a desirable eclectic touch and a lived homey feeling. 

Sunday bliss is..

Sunday, August 11, 2013
The Fat Radish photo © @alicegao
Honey-caramelized figs with yogurt © Johny Miller Whole Living magazine #recipe #figs #yogurt #honey

..enjoying some honey-caramelized figs with yogurt in this eclectic kitchen nook with the vintage world map and the white subway tiles.

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Weekend countdown

Saturday, August 10, 2013
Country porch with terra cotta tiles and ethnic decor touches #porch
Impressive ceiling high bed drapes #bedroom

5 links to inspire

Oh, these terraces right next to the sea!

Why we want a house with a great view.

Love the idea of hanging fruit baskets in the kitchen.

Amazing patchwork tiled floors.

Reclaimed crates used as shelves.

4 links to shop

This cute retro kitchen timer.

Mama and daughter apron set.

This rustic wood and leather stool.

This coastal cottages tea towel.

post from this week

Great use of patterns and colors in this Swedish home.

Country style interiors with a fresh vibe.

10 really invigorating outdoor spaces.

2 images for visual inspiration

This country porch with the terra cotta tiles and ethnic decor touches.

The impressive ceiling high drapes of this bed.

1 post to remember

Modern ethnic Casa Lola in Brazil.

P.s. Visual Philosophy is giving a 15% off to My Paradissi readers with coupon code VISPHILO2 to shop your favorite Danish & Scandinavian retro inspired posters for your home. Yay!

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Quote of the day

Friday, August 9, 2013
Action is the antidote to despair. Quote by Joan Baez. Photo edit by My Paradissi #quote #wisewords

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DIY: Mason jar soap dispenser

Diy mason jar soap dispenser tutorial by @lovegrowswildlf #diy #tutorial

I never thought that making a mason jar soap dispenser would be so easy. I've been eyeing such products for ages and had thoughts about making my own but somehow felt it would be a pain to do so. Actually, it's quite the contrary and all it takes are a few basic household tools like a screwdriver and a hammer, a market soap bottle with a pump and your favorite jar to use. Liz has put down a great tutorial for you to follow over at her blog, Love Grows Wild

P.s. If you don't feel like making one, this antique mason jar soap dispenser is such a treat!

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10 refreshingly green outdoors

Thursday, August 8, 2013
Refreshingly green outdoor spaces © Frédéric Ducout via Elle Decor España #outdoors

Nothing can compare to a vivid green outdoor space when it comes to a hot summer day. Well, I guess some of you might argue that the cool waters of the sea or even a pool can do wonders and I can't agree more with that. But, what actually makes a cool and refreshing environment is the vegetation; the plants with the shadows and the microclimate that they create. And to state the obvious, try to imagine yourself in a yard, for example, with a stunning pool but instead of tall trees and thick shrubs and grass all you get is tall buildings and concrete. Not fun on a burning hot summer day. While the following beauties seem like a heaven right here on earth ;)

A fresh country mix

Wednesday, August 7, 2013
Inspiring interiors with a fresh mediterranean country vibe. Styling by @heather_bullard, photo by Victoria Pearson

Today's post is all about countryside. Relax and project yourself into a warm mediterranean one of your choice, like a small village in Provence, a cottage in Tuscany or a retreat in a greek island. Think of stone and unrefined woods, rattan and linen, aged pieces of furniture, items once used now forgotten, souvenirs of past times and today's basic accents; a book, a hat and a vase to put the freshly cut summer blooms. Such places desire simplicity and provide protection. They keep you away from the harsh sun by putting you right inside their shady and soft hug. What is not to love about this carefree style?

Little Bird Retreat

Tuesday, August 6, 2013
Little Bird Greek Island Retreat in Lesvos island, Aegean sea #greece #retreat #summervacation
Little Bird Greek Island Retreat in Lesvos island, Aegean sea #greece #retreat #summervacation

Have you checked this gem of a villa that I posted a while ago on Grecian Paradise? Little Bird Retreat is located in Lesvos island, Greece, and it a cozy and serene place to spend your vacation. Read more about it here.

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Honeycomb Studio

Handmade porcelain apothecary bottles by Honeycomb Studio on Etsy #porcelain #handmade
Handmade porcelain apothecary bottles by Honeycomb Studio on Etsy #porcelain #handmade

How cute are these tiny porcelain apothecary bottles? Courtey Hamill of Honeycomb Studio is an expert when it comes to small scale porcelain sculptures. Her works include, among other things, these amazing porcelain antlers, replicas of the real ones. I find hand worked porcelain to be one of the finest natural materials to add to your decoration and Courtey's shop is a such perfect place to start!

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A very much patterned home

Monday, August 5, 2013
A house in Sweden decorated with bold patterns and color combinations via @lovelylifese

I have to admit that I'm going through a calm and neutral design phase. I just couldn't leave this house out of My Paradissi, though, and the reason is simple: I rarely if ever see places with an extreme use of patterns and colors that look so fresh and welcoming. It is oh so very easy to get wrong with multiple patterns and create a suffocated result that will get you a headache in the long run. Well, apparently not the case with this swedish apartment. There are wallpapers, carpets, upholstered furniture, artworks, even vintage concrete patterned tiles all bind up together in a harmonious outcome that adds visual interest and a fancy note to the interiors.