House in Ibiza with amazing sea view

Wednesday, July 31, 2013
House in Ibiza by Juma Architects with amazing sea views via @designmilk #Ibiza #architeture #view

Let's indulge into some more amazing outdoors today. Usually, I post about country style abodes in southern Europe (check Spain, Italy, France, Greece), with a lived, bohemian flair. This one is different.

Kapari Natural Resort

Tuesday, July 30, 2013
Kapari Natural resort in Imerovigli #Santorini.
Kapari Natural resort in Imerovigli #Santorini.

In case you have missed, I posted about this amazing typical cycladic resort in Santorini on Grecian Paradise yesterday. A must see ;)

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Robin and Mould

Handmade screen printed textiles by @robinandmould
Handmade screen printed textiles by @robinandmould

These adorable modern retro creatures are designed, crafted and screen printed on natural cotton by the creative english duo behind Robin&Mould. I'm fascinated by the simplicity of their work and the attention to the high quality of the materials and the refined process of their work. The foxie and kittie caricatures are simply irresistible, not to mention the sleepy owl tea cozy. To tell you the truth, I can't wait to see more work of these two really talented people!

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Black interiors

Monday, July 29, 2013
Black interiors inspiration by Hotze Eisma via @estemag

In a dark mood.. well, not quite literally, but these rooms dominated by black color, on walls, floor or furniture, interrupted by some strategic white contrast here and there can be described as such. Would you dare such a dark color combination in your place? I think it's kind of love it or hate it thing, so I'd love to hear your point of view. To get you motivated here's so black interiors photo inspiration.

Feel Good Photo

A white crocheted hammock in Villa Bella Bali by @garancedore

A white crocheted hammock with a cushy pillow under a thick bamboo pergola? Oh, yes please! Seems like the ultimate chillout experience, located in Villa Bella in Bali by Garance Doré.

P.s. Indulge into some more cozy hammock scenes here, here and there.

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Weekend countdown

Saturday, July 27, 2013
The house of Pepa Poch with the incredible country style shutters
The old wooden bench in this summer cottage

5 links to inspire

Bathroom sinks made of stone.

Some really helpful mosquito bite remedies.

These photos of social inequality are unsettling.

We live inside a huge (HUGE) world.

Honey harvesting workshops sound like fun (via a daily something)

4 links to shop

This amazing pinstripe chair.

This clever headboard decal.

This industrial wooden bench.

This pastel hardwood plate.

post from this week

Add some pops of color to a white tiled bathroom.

An eclectic summer house in Menorca, Spain.

Tempting bedrooms with fresh linen bedding.

2 images for visual inspiration

The house of Pepa Poch with the incredible country style shutters (via Haute Design).

The old wooden bench in this summer cottage.

1 post to remember

Hotel Son Bernadinet in Mallorca, Spain.

Happy weekend,  friends!

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The coziest beds ever

Friday, July 26, 2013
Cozy bedroom via @CovetGarden  #bedroom

Some beds just can't get any cushier, don't you agree? Wrinkled linens help a lot to create such a feeling as well as really big and fluffy pillows. Soft natural and pastel hues along with the lack of bold patterns add up to all that inviting atmosphere. Well, images speak for themselves and, quite frankly, on a hot Friday afternoon like today it is getting way too difficult to keep writing about cozy bedrooms and keep myself from taking a nap. So, let's just enjoy and indulge ;)


@leuie exquisite shop for kids by @sarahmklassen
@leuie exquisite shop for kids by @sarahmklassen
@leuie exquisite shop for kids by @sarahmklassen

Admittedly, this is not a kind of post you're used to see at My Paradissi. But, how could I leave this amazing canadian kids shop out of our daily inspiration? I drool over each single photo. The brilliance Leuie is not to wonder though, as its owner is the amazing and beloved designer and blogger Sarah Klassen of Haute Design

DIY: Beach board games

Thursday, July 25, 2013
Beach board game diy by @sheri127

Whenever I spend a few days free camping on a beautiful beach somewhere in Crete, I like to make up things for the time to pass by smoothly. I religiously stack little pebbles one on another and make little babel towers, make spirals and mandala like formations on the sand or just collect broken shells and driftwoods to take home for my future projects. I was really happy to stumble upon this simple board game tutorial by Sheri Silver which only needs a fabric place mat (or I guess any other thick monochromatic piece of fabric), some fabric paint and a few pebbles to play with. Carrying a board game with me during holidays has never been any easier! Hurray =)

P.s. You can always buy one if you're not the crafty type.

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Country house in Menorca

Wednesday, July 24, 2013
The eclectic country house of Ursula Mascaro in Menorca, Spain

I'm quite drawn to artistic country houses lately, so after this amazing summer house in Hydra island, I'd like to share with you the house of Ursula Mascaro in Menorca. Its small interiors are crammed with art pieces and design furniture, vintage finds and tokens from her travels. Can't find something more creative than a serene country life being combined in perfect balance with culture and art. 

An artsy summer home in Hydra

Tuesday, July 23, 2013
House of artist Brice Marden and family in Hydra, Greece #Hydra
House of artist Brice Marden and family in Hydra, Greece #Hydra

I've just posted on Grecian Paradise about the exquisitely bohemian summer abode of the abstract painter Brice Marden and his family in Hydra island. See more photos here.

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Photos via Lonny.

Gallivanting Girls

Gallivanting Girls on @etsy. Modern living with some old school character. #vintage
Gallivanting Girls on @etsy. Modern living with some old school character. #vintage

Oh, dear universe, please let me forget my paypal password for a while; I'm just about to shop everything from Gallivanting Girls shop! Kalyn, graphic designer by day, is a master of vintage findings, acknowledged by top influential interior design blogs like Apartment Therapy and Design*Sponge. Each of her handpicked item is definitely going to add a distinct touch to your interior decor like pronto. I'm smitten by this Conant Ball desk and the slim hairpin tables but also stunned by the amount of all the amazing rattan furniture and accessories that exist on the shop. You will also find Kalyn at One Kings Lane

P.s. I've featured Kalyn's second shop, Ocean Swept, a while ago on My Paradissi.

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White bathroom with happy color pops

Monday, July 22, 2013
Scandinavian bathroom with white tiles and colorful accessories. Photo by Linda Romppla #bathroom

How is your relationship with bathroom tiles? I have to admit we don't get along that well. I mean, there are certainly way more prettier wall and floor coverings for a bathroom than tiles. Those of you who rent, know firsthand how hard it is to find an apartment with a tile-free bathroom, or at least, one with decent tiles you can work your decorating skills with.

Sunday bliss is..

Sunday, July 21, 2013
Edamame and blue cheese beet salad recipe by @aCoupleCooks #recipe
Sunny porch by Idha Lindhag #porch

.. having this edamame and blue cheese beet salad on this cheerfully sunny porch.

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Weekend countdown

Saturday, July 20, 2013
Elegant breakfast in bed by the beetle shack #bedroom
Industrial interior with the pretty barn door #industrial #door

5 links to inspire

This pension in Palm Springs.

Would you live in a 29 sq.m apartment (that's 312 sq. feet)?

These gifs made me feel dizzy.

Handy tips for a picnic in the park.

I'd love to visit Hotel Paradis in Paris.

4 links to shop

This travel mug.

This round jute rug.

This poster for my kitchen.

This coffee cart table.

3 post from this week

A renovated barn house in France.

3 steps to a chill summer living room.

Talking about open kitchen shelving.

2 images for visual inspiration

An elegantly lazy breakfast in bed by the beetle shack.

This industrial interior with the pretty barn door and the shabby chic influences.

1 post to remember

Home&Delicious magazine from Iceland.

Happy weekend,  friends!

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Open kitchen shelves

Friday, July 19, 2013
Open shelving kitchen storage inspiration #kitchen #storage

Let's chat about kitchen storage for a bit. I love clean cut and decluttered spaces a lot so I have closed kitchen cabinets in my place. Open shelving, on the other hand, can bring a whole new life to your kitchen. Difficult to maintain clean and tidy though, plus you have to be picky on what you put on them as they are always on show. When you do so, however, boy, isn't it a really pretty display to enjoy? I'd love to dare a few shelves in my kitchen someday, as I'll probably be needing extra storage when my family grows. 

Open shelving kitchen storage inspiration #kitchen #storage

That also means I'll have to update my mug and bowls collection as well to more fancy ones. I'd also like to display all those herbs and teas I have in all sorts of not-so-pretty-but-practical jars. Keeping them lined up in plain sight makes it easier to pick the right ones for a tasty mix any time needed.

Quote of the day

Move and the way will follow. Quote edit and photo by My Paradissi #quotes #wisewords

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A homey scandinavian cabin

Thursday, July 18, 2013
The cozy scandinavian farm guest house of Daniella Witte in Sweden
The cozy scandinavian farm guest house of Daniella Witte in Sweden
The cozy scandinavian farm guest house of Daniella Witte in Sweden
The cozy scandinavian farm guest house of Daniella Witte in Sweden

This petite guest house of Daniella Witte in looks awesomely simple and serene. And is for rent, in case you happen to vacate in Sweden this summer. Love the shiny dark floor and the scandinavian cozy touches here and there. Find out more on her blog.

P.s. More cozy scandinavian interiors here, here and there.

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DIY: Nautical coasters

How to make nautical rope coasters with an anchor stencil. Tutorial by hi, friend #diy #nautical #coasters

Rope, anchors and navy blue and white stripes; no wonder this diy got my attention the first moment I stumbled upon it. These rope coasters are easy to make and would look so great on any nautical themed dinner or party. Actually, see for yourself. Now, if you'd like to make your own you can follow Megan's tutorial here.

P.s. If you're not the crafty type you can buy these similar ones.

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3 steps to a chill summer living room

Wednesday, July 17, 2013
3 steps to a chill summer living room

Warm summer days call for welcoming patios, shaded porches and terraces surrounded by trees and plants. Nah. How about when you live in a place that doesn't have any outdoor space whatsoever? I happen to fall under this category and I know how hard this can be (always nagging about it anyway..). Let me tell you 3 straight to the point steps you can follow to transform your living room into the best possible chill out spot and trick yourself into believing that four walls can't keep the summer vibe away from you.

Jamie Shop

Tuesday, July 16, 2013
Jamie Shop by Jamie Herzlinger. Consumer access to interior design resources and trade only furnishings

As an architect and designer I know only too well how hard it is to get your hands on all those dream furniture and home accents, those that will get your place from a lifeless spot to a real life paradise. Designers (yes, I know ;) are a splurge and so are high end home accessories. And, that's exactly why I love to have renowned designer Jamie Herzlinger a sponsor and part of My Paradissi. Jamie can help you make your dreams come true as she can grant you access to dozens 'to the trade only' manufacturers plus provide you with the wholesale prices she gets as a designer. In a few words, you get your online personal designer without actually hiring one!
I've put together a dream list of things that would look oh so well in my space and to give you a startup inspiration to browse through the enourmous manufacturers resource directory and find your own dream stuff. When you do so, just request a quote with the things you want to buy and she will answer back with the reduced price and the rest of the purchase details. Visit Jamie Shop to find out more and , of course, sign up.

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Little Low Studio

Illustrations and paper goods by Caitlin MacCain of Little Low Studio on Etsy.
Illustrations and paper goods by Caitlin MacCain of Little Low Studio on Etsy.

Caitlin's graphics and illustrations are of this sort that just make you feel that life is all about carefree sunny days and fresh sweet cherries. So feel good! Exactly what I needed to see on a dull Tuesday with a mid-summer silly cold to bother me. Perhaps I'll start sending happy postcards to myself or hang this positive print on my wall =) See more of Cailin's work on her shop, Little Low Studio.

Bon Voyage ($4)

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Renovated barn house in France

Monday, July 15, 2013
A renovated barn house for a family of four in the French countryside via IKEA Family Live. #country #home

I completely love this idea; a small barn house in the French countryside, renovated and designed to host a family of four during weekends and holidays. But it is not only about the idea of having a second house somewhere pretty (although I'm dying for something like that!). It is the actual building as well, which has this magic family touch that looks so cozy and inviting all at the same time. The stone structure and the turquoise shutters are so country chic, the big outdoor terrace with the deck and the trees is perfect for gatherings and soirees and the interiors have an unrefined lived charm that leaves me with a feeling that I've sometime in a previous life visited this place. So familiar. So perfect. Swoon.

Paper Collective

The Marten by Morten Løfberg graphic design poster #art #graphicdesign
Whale Reprise by Greg Eason graphic design poster #art #graphicdesign
Al Niqab Al Hamra by Emilie Imán graphic design poster #art #graphicdesign

How about buying a cool graphic design illustration poster and serve a good cause at the same time? Paper Collective has a great collection of artworks by artists throughout the world and every time a purchase is being made a small amount of that money is donated to a picked cause or charity. Can't think of a better way to decorate my walls, can you?

The Marten by Morten Løfberg (€40)
Whale Reprise by Greg Eason (€40)
Al Niqab Al Hamra by Emilie Imán (€40)

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Sunday bliss (off white)

Sunday, July 14, 2013
Cave house in Santorini by Irene Yan. #white #santorini
Elle Decor España #fireplace #white
Bamboo shade #pergola Robyn Lea #Est Magazine
Wooden headboard by Living by Miriam #handmade #headboard #bedroom
Arched doorway #Morocco

Some off white interiors inspiration for a fresh and relaxing Sunday. Hope you're having a great one! xoxo

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Weekend inspiration

Saturday, July 13, 2013
Infinity pool
Breezy terrace with sea view in Mykonos. Design by Marilena Rizou, photo by Gaelle le Boulicaut

Hello friends, how are you?
This weekend we're about to visit the annual organic farmers and crafters festival in the park, make some (more) chocolate chip ice cream and enjoy a cozy home cocooning. I wish we could do that on a breezy terrace like the above, though, but one can't have too much, right? How about your plans? xoxo

Have a cup of coffee here.

Want this bedding set.

Leslie David's gifs.

Pineapple love..

..and more pineapple love!

Good memories of grandma's cooking.

I'd love to go on a ranch glamping!

Sleep like a cat.

Beach style.

A bit of neon into our lives.

Summer house in Costa Brava- Contemporary cozy by the sea

Gerokampos beach, Crete- Last weekend's geteaway

Nine Space- Love, love, love this shop

Bed mosquito nets- Practical and tres country chic.

Everyday fête- Magazine love

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