Sunday bliss

Sunday, June 30, 2013
Sunset at ethnic inspired terrace in Formentera
Cycladic open terrace with sea view

Wish you a beautiful Sunday friends! xoxo

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Weekend inspiration

Saturday, June 29, 2013
Summer outdoor entertainment via House Beautiful
White iron bed via Weekday Carnival

Hello my friends, how are you?
The city has started to feel like a huge summer vacation place with festivals and open activities all around. We're about to get advantage of that, as well as celebrate the birthday of a friend and take a few fresh swims at the sea. It's time to start planning our summer getaways too and that means to buy a new camping tent and a hammock =)
On other notes, a reminder for those few of you who haven't yet noticed, Google Reader is shutting down this Monday. No worries though, there are plenty superb rss readers you can use as an alternative, like my favorite blogloving' or feedly. Don't forget you can always catch up with My Paradissi through facebook, twitter and pinterest! xoxo


Cute girl's room.

Amazing artsy gifs.

These sketchy plates.

XL chalkboard typography.

Such a pretty floral hammock.

When architects create jewelry.

I wish I could afford this kind of camping.

Imagining myself in a pool floating on this.

rainbow throw for the chilly summer nights.

A country villa in Mallorca, Spain- Stone walls and a modern country vibe.

Mediterranean summer entertainment- Having fun round the outdoor table.

Maison Artist- A shop that stole my heart.

Rustic and naturals-Interiors with a country feeling

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1.House Beautiful, 2.Weekday Carnival
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Folder: Bedroom

Friday, June 28, 2013
Bedroom with wallpaper and arched window

I never thought a floral wallpaper and a small arched window would look so good together. I just love this bedroom; the bed is so cushy, the day light coming though the window feels fresh and all the subtle whites create an ideal scenery to spend some lazy moments in.

P.s. More fresh bedrooms here.

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Maison Artist

Maison Artist House and Home online shop

When country style blends in with industrial and both get a delicate ethnic vibe with scandinavian references (wow) then it speaks right into my heart. I'm thrilled to come across the spanish store Maison Artist for it is crammed with home accessories that match that exact description. Moroccan metallic trays and ceramic lanterns, country style rattan baskets and bins, colorful lamps and pendants and the cutest serveware ever. I love the extended collection of colorful patterns you can find all the way from bowls and cups to textiles, kitchen towels and wallpaper. If I had to buy only one thing from the shop, however, I'd most definitely pick one of the large glass demijohn bottles. Tricky thing is which one; so many colors and shapes to pick from!

Quote of the day

Thursday, June 27, 2013
Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated. Quote by Confucius

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DIY: Summer hammock

How to make your own simple summer hammock. Tutorial by Kate Pruitt for Design Sponge.

I completely adore hammocks. I could spend the whole summertime swaying carelessly on one of them, sipping my cool frappe and nagging about how loud all those cicadas around are singing. Before I indulge to such recreational summer activities, maybe I'll skip the shopping option and make my own comfortable hammock. It needs some sewing skills to make sure that you won't fall on your bum (trust me, it really hurts!) but the detailed tutorial of Kate Pruitt for Design*Sponge will guide you smoothly along the way.

P.s. In case you're not interested in making one but still wanna sway the summer away check out this amazing hammock!

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Folder: Bathroom

Wednesday, June 26, 2013
Wall mounted enamel sink in a modern retro bathroom.

I'm completely in love with this vintage wall mounted enamel sink with its dark blue trimming and the sleek faucet over it. There's a contemporary interpretation of the retro style (see mirror, tiles and lamp) that makes this bathroom corner so irresistible, don't you agree?

P.s. Enamel sinks in a nautical inspired bathroom.

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Image by Sean Fennessy via The Design Files.

Mediterranean summer entertainment

Summer mediterranean table setting ideas at

There's nothing more common in warm mediterranean countries than gathering in the yard/terrace/patio/whatever outdoor space available, round the table, family and friends, talking loud, devouring local delicacies, singing along and having lots of fun. We do that all the time here and I totally miss having my own outdoor space to host such events myself. On the table, you'll find all sorts of vintage and coastal inspired dinnerware, in indigo, turquoise and white shades, textured seagrass, rattan and jute accessories and clear glassware, whereas, when looking above head, there'll always be a shade in the form of a thick straw pergola, a white canvas tent or a fresh vine filled with just to be ready grapes.

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Tuesday, June 25, 2013
Small balcony

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*I'll keep telling this for as long as I blog: Having ads and sponsors on this blog, does not, by any means, interfere with my beliefs and my opinions. I always post about things I like, I'd decorate with or places I'd love to visit. That's why I carefully pick my sponsors to fit the aesthetics and interests of my followers.

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Image by Nina Broberg via Elle Interiör.

Julia Paul Pottery

Contemporary tableware and artful home decor by Julia Paul Pottery on Etsy.
Contemporary tableware and artful home decor by Julia Paul Pottery on Etsy.

I love to use ceramic dishes and bowls in my kitchen. I have a really old handmade one my mom gave me years ago and I use it daily for my salads. You have to agree that ceramics have this sort of earthly calmness, an unspeakable truth, that no plastic or enamelware has or will ever have. Today, I'd like to share with you the work of Julia Paul, a potter in rural Virginia, as I'm very inspired by the subtle and simple approach of her creations. I'm impressed by the delicate use of pale colors that blend in with whites and bare clay and the organic curvaceous forms of the vessels. See more of her work here.

Ceramic vases ($250)

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A country villa in Mallorca, Spain

Monday, June 24, 2013
A country villa in Mallorca, Spain, with bare stone walls and pebble floors. See more at

Maybe I should think twice about the title of this post and change it to "An amazing all-stone house in Mallorca with the prettiest pebble floors ever". Nah, that's too big for a title, although 100% true. I have a thing for stone; the blunt earthly feeling of it makes me feel safe and solid, for some reason (I guess it's all about the energy of materials and such). And what better way there is to transform a stoney abode into a contemporary chic miracle than add modern furniture with personality, mix and match styles and eras and definitely invest on art? I could, without any hesitation, call this place my home for all the above, plus its leveled interiors and its typical mediterranean exteriors

Sunday bliss

Sunday, June 23, 2013
Country house in Mallorca
Fuchsia refreshing sorbet

Enjoy your Sunday, friends, with loads of relaxation and a dash of fuchsia ^^ xoxo

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Weekend inspiration

Saturday, June 22, 2013
Colorful backyard by Deby Treloar for Decorate by Holly Becker and Joanna Copestick
Cozy balcony by Katarina Malmström via Elle Interior

Hello my friends, how are you?
Working from home, at a self-paced business, is definitely a great thing but, as you can imagine, this also kills the actual weekend time. Or, to be more precise, it eliminates the usual Saturday-Sunday weekend and claims any other week day as such. That happened to me this week when I took Monday off (and enjoyed some sunny moments on a chaise at the beach ;) and now I really feel like it is Friday. So, catching up with some last to-dos before I hopefully treat Sunday as it really oughts to be treated. The weather here is so amazing (now we're officially into summer since yesterday) and posting all those tempting images here and at Grecian Paradise, makes me wanna unplug my mac and pack my suitcase to any of the small and sunny islands in the Aegean. No particular preferences, whatsoever!
Hope you're having a wonderful weekend, whatever you do! xoxo

Amazing embroidered rug.

8 ways to shake up your life.

Decorate with rope.

Classical statues dressed as hipsters (?!)

This ivory butterfly chair.

This pretty yet pricey decorative pillow.

Perfect tumblers for summer dinner parties in the countryside.

Cool reclaimed wood bench.

Make your own washed linen bedding.

Such a subtle apartment.

Coco-Mat Eco Residences, Serifos- Coastal chic in the Aegean sea.

Almost B&W bedrooms- Chill and intimate bedroom ideas.

French Connection- Can I get me the whole homeware collection?

Kitchen love- Elegant and easy-going kitchens.

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Image credits:
1.Deby Treloar for Decorate by Holly Becker and Joanna Copestick via Houzz, 2.Katarina Malmström via Elle Interior
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DIY: Blow box party lights

Friday, June 21, 2013
How to make blow box party lights instructions by A Subtle Revelry.

How pretty are these colorful party string lights? They'd make a great decorative statement for your summer backyard parties or even bring a dash of summer happy vibes into your interiors. All you need is a standard string of fairy lights and some colored papers of your choice to make the origami blow boxes. See detailed instructions at A Subtle Revelry.

P.s. A colorful diy floor mat and a colorful diy cord pendant.

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French Connection

Thursday, June 20, 2013
French Connection homeware collection.

I really can't have enough of the French Connection homeware collection. The ideal touch of rustic feeling is perfectly combined with contemporary design in a home accessories line that would be your summer home's best friend. Desaturated natural hues, lots of off-whites, distressed materials, low level furniture are some of the main characteristics of the French Connection products. I just love the leaning shelves on top image, they would look so great in my apartment! What's your favorite item of this collection?

my paradissi picks

French Connection homeware collection.

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Quote of the day

Out of your vulnerabilities will come your strength. Quote by Sigmund Freud. Photo by My Paradissi

P.s. Browse more quotes here.

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Almost B&W bedrooms

Wednesday, June 19, 2013
Easy going bedrooms with scandinavian design influences. See more at

There are a million different ways to style a bedroom. What matters the most, however, is to create a chill and easy going atmosphere that will host your most relaxing night of sleep and welcome you to bright new mornings full of energy and vitality. The bedrooms I've gathered up for you today are simple, straightforward and each one has a distinctive personal touch that makes it unique. There're a lot of scandinavian inspired decor touches, like the black and white color combo mixed with warm wooden hues, mid century accents and lots of monochromatic artworks on the walls next to or above the bed.

Feel Good Photo 130619

Pool daybed

Having midweek delusions of lounging by a refreshing pool, on the coziest daybed ever, all troubles long gone..

P.s. Amazing countryside pools.

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Image via here.

Coco-Mat Eco Residences, Serifos

Tuesday, June 18, 2013
Coco-Mat Eco Resdences in Serifos Island, Aegean sea.
Coco-Mat Eco Resdences in Serifos Island, Aegean sea.

Visit Grecian Paradise to find out more about this Cycladic gem of resorts ;)

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Kaye Blegvad

Kaye Blegvad Illustrations
Kaye Blegvad Illustrations

These illustrations remind me of the ones a beloved fairy tale of mine used to have. Apar from the nostalgic essence of my childhood memories, however, the work of Kaye Blegvad has a strict simplicity and a sparse use of color that speak straight into my heart. I especially dig the bird garland, there's also a feather and a cat one for you to pick.

Illustrated bird garland kit ($20.97)
Cat and mat illustrated print ($16.13)
Grouchy cat ceramic candle holder ($32.26)
Camera illustration print ($19.35)
Stitching up girl illustration print ($16.13)

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Folder: Bathroom

Monday, June 17, 2013
Rustic chic bathroom
What is not to love in this ethnic inspired bathroom? A stone sink on what seems to be a handmade unrefined wooden console, the ladder serving as a towel hanger, the sleek and simple square shaped mirror or the overall natural hues create a genuine rustic atmosphere with a subtle chic vibe? 

P.s. If you like this bathroom then you'll definitely love these too.

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Image by Genevieve Garruppo via Lonny.

Sunday bliss

Sunday, June 16, 2013
Tropical bedroom
Shady green terrace

Enjoy your Sunday, my friends! xoxo

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Weekend inspiration

Saturday, June 15, 2013
Easy-going interiors and a belayed blogiversary for My Paradissi.
Easy-going interiors and a belayed blogiversary for My Paradissi.

Hello my friends, how are you?
After a really awkward week we're off to some weekend relaxation, although some things know not of weekends and holidays for they keep bothering our hearts 24/7.  This past Wednesday was My Paradissi's 3rd blogiversary but, due to the circumstances I didn't feel like celebrating. I found it a bit cynical that, in the 21st century, when everyone (at lest in the western world- sadly enough) has the right to speak up his mind, create a blog and write his point of view, our national public broadcasting service is shut down. This blog means the world to me. It  came into my life three years ago to stay with me (with you), to host my dreams, my passions, my ideas; a creative outlet that keeps a part of my soul vibrant and alive. And this blog would have been nothing if it weren't for you, my friends. I owe you all a big THANK YOU for being a part of this journey, embracing, interacting, commenting, sharing my thoughts and images, being a live and vigorous company of My Paradissi. Thank you again and here's to many years of beauty and optimism! xoxo

Gardening without a garden.

11 clever ways to cover your cords.

Chalkboard THANK YOUs.

These two will add a fun note to your coastal tablescape.

Can't have enough of this view.

This natural woven pendant lamp.

The perfect storage cart for my kitchen.

Such a pretty greenhouse.

Couldn't agree more.

Suitcase storage love.

Su Gologone, Sardinia- A relaxing sanctuary with folkloric influences.

Coqui Coqui, Mexico- Tropical dreams in mexican shores.

Bright kitchen corners- White country inspired kitchens.

Fresh- Invigorating outdoor scenes.

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Image credits:
1.Trevor Tondro for NY Times, 2.Michael Graydon via Herriott Grace
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