Sunday bliss

Sunday, March 31, 2013
pure style
mediterranean decor

Happy Easter, happy long weekend, happy celebrations, hugs and loves! Wish you all a fresh and bright day, my friends =) xoxo

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1.M&A Dekor via, 2.Johny Miller

Weekend inspiration

Saturday, March 30, 2013
Outside living rooms
Chest nightstand

Hello my friends, how are you?
Happy Easter to all of you who celebrate this weekend. We (orthodox christians) have a whole month till we celebrate ours which leaves me on the wait. All those beautiful festive decorations, the cute egg diys, the pastel bunnies and the floral arrangements I come across every day on pinterest and blogs tickle me like crazy but, oh, I just have to be patient, duh. 
This weekend is full of fun things, anyway. We have a friend visiting us all the way from amazing Tenerife so we're sightseeing a lot. Quite invigorating to see your everyday surroundings through the eyes of a visitor, we even got to see the Archaeological museum, which I haven't been there since my childhood (shame on me). It is so thrilling to know that people who lived on this island 4.000 years ago had the same habits and taste as we do today (well, almost). There were ancient board games, impressive jewelry I'd definitely wear today, tools, pots and vases, even recreation activities displayed on statues that we still have (like dancing and celebrations).
Moreover, we celebrate my mom's birthday today (happy birthday, mommy!) with the sweetest orange cake and apple pie ever. So, off I went to enjoy! Wish you a beautiful festive weekend too! xoxo

Beautiful Hotel Predi Son Jaumell in Mallorca.

Hitched vases mania.

OMG this hanging rattan chair!

Why not take a deep breath?

So rustic and so mexican side table.

Science is cool.

This perfect sea inspired dinnerware..

..would look great on this burlap table runner.

chic barn indeed!

House in Mani- Greek countryside in color.

Around Crete: Agios Nikolaos- Colorful and sunny coastal city in Crete.

Just make it work: Ethnic bedroom- 5 easy tips to make this ethnic inspired room your own.

City gardening- My spring attempts on greening up my outdoors.

Total white- Pure white interiors in Mykonos.

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Folder: Hallway

Friday, March 29, 2013
Decorating ideas hallway

I fell head over heels with this hallway designed by Sarah Lavoine and I bet you do understand why; the deep blue doors and the rattan pendants are a subtle reference to summer getaways, the vintage console and reclaimed old school desk add an eclectic twist while the framed photo wall composition create the welcoming feeling any home should have. And, all the above work together like a charm, don't you agree?

P.s. Can't get enough of these rattan pendants lately!

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Image by Nicolas Mathews via Sarah Lavoine.  

DIY: Concrete votives

Home concrete projects diy

There are so many things one can do with concrete (apart from making homes that is) as it is an easy and cheap material that can take any form you like, depending on the mold you cast it into. I like these super cute votives created by monsterscircus with soda cans, concrete and colored metallic paint. See how to make them here.

P.s. See more diy ideas here.

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Feel Good Photo 130328

Thursday, March 28, 2013
Santorini terrace with an amazing sea view

One doesn't need many things to be happy; a bold and simple color scheme, a comfortable chair under the sun and a breathtaking view to infinity is all it takes to make your soul fly.

P.s. Santorini taking my breath away again here and here.

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City gardening

Urban sustainable living
Urban sustainable living
Urban sustainable living
Urban sustainable living

It is high time I showed you my house outdoors that I've been complaining about all the time! For the newcomers, I live in a groundfloor apartment in the center of the city of Heraklion and I have no terrace, patio, backyard, balcony or a decent outdoor space whatsoever to spend some time in (and that is a real torture considering the ample sun light and the warm weather 300 days a year we have in Crete). There are also no plants or trees on the street that I live in which makes things even harder and uglier. 

So, I decided to stop being grumpy and just do something about it. With a help of my mom (thanks, mom, you're the best gardener ever!) I put two big concrete planters on the narrow sidewalk in front of the house and a few smaller ones on my two window sills. You can see in the shots above my very young and blossomless bougainvillea in the far left side and the springfire shrub next to the door (which lost its leaves due to some kind of shock but I hope it will get well soon). I also put a basil and a mint, a geranium, two wild asparagus and some other plants I don't know their names.

I can't wait for my loves to grow big and strong and my bougainvillea to bloom and frame the window. I still don't have a place to sit and enjoy the sun but it made a big difference to my interiors as they hide the ugly view, create a fresh atmosphere and almost convince me that I live in a pretty place. 
What do you think of them? I hope you like them too ^_^

P.s. See photos of my living room last year and today as well as a glimpse of my home office.

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Images by Eleni Psyllaki for My Paradissi.

Quote of the day

Wednesday, March 27, 2013
inspirational quote life

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Just make it work: Ethnic bedroom

Ethnic room design

Ethnic room design
Low furniture, like this platform bed and the shelf next to it, remind me of the habit of oriental people to lounge close to the ground. You can toss a few pillows on the floor as well to create a cozy nook and multiply the 'living low' effect.

Ethnic room design
Color is commonly used in ethnic decorations. You don't have to paint your walls in bold colors, a patterned folkloric throw, some cozy pillows on the bed as well as bright accents, like a vase or a turquoise side table would be enough.

Ethnic room designA large view framing a blissful tropical scene would be ideal but probably a distant luxury to find in the city. You can always fake it, however, with a mural or a big framed photo of your favorite holiday spot. The bigger the picture the more will give out the desired feeling. 

Ethnic room designTexture is vital for an ethnic inspired environment. Rattan, seagrass, unrefined wood and wool will do the trick. As you see in this room, there is a plethora of such textures on the rug, the table lamp and baskets.

Ethnic room designNo need to say that there has to be at least one unrefined rustic piece of furniture in the room to induce an aged feeling. I like this side table but you can choose a stool, a chair or anything else that  you might come across and love.

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Image via (found via nicety).

Folder: Living room

Tuesday, March 26, 2013
Modern white living room design
A black and white approach on modern country style gets a long way, don't you think? I love the textures coming out of the monochromatic scheme and the statement black accents like the iron chandelier, the ladder and the round mirror over the fireplace. Oh, and a kind mention to the amazing Beni Ouarain rug I'm so in love with!

P.s. This black chandelier would be a perfect fit as well!

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Snug studio

Snug studio
Snug studio

I first met Snug Studio through their clever geometrical vase (which is no more than a cardboard that you can wrap around any small glass and transform it into a vase pronto) and I was as equally thrilled to get to know their other creations as well. I love the colored rhombus magnets and the super cute button board among the others. Which is your favorite?

Magnets ($20)
Calendar 2013 ($11.95)
Buttonboard ($26.71)
Vase - low ($17.32)
Snug loves cats ($26.71)

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Around Crete: Agios Nikolaos

Monday, March 25, 2013
Travel around Crete

We had the chance to enjoy a remarkably bright sun yesterday in one of the pretties coastal cities of Crete, Agios Nikolaos. There is a small lake in the city that is connected to the sea and is serving as a serene harbor for all the small boats. People say that lake Voulismeni is bottomless but that's probably just an urban legend (obviously). 
We enjoyed a long stroll by its shore, ate souvlaki at a happy and colorful tavern and a big ice cream at a cafe near by before hitting the road again. The city was so peaceful and quiet and with a very positive vibe in the air. Agios Nikolaos is flooded by tourist during summer whereas it has only a considerably small amount of locals this time of year. It was fun to observe the shop owners being busy preparing their shops and taverns, giving them a face lift to welcome visitors in a month or so.
Have you ever been to Agios Nikolaos or somewhere else in Crete? I'd love to know what you think of this place!

House in Mani, Greece

beautiful country house

This amazing country house is located in southern Peloponnese, in Mani, Greece, and there are two basic reasons that it is hitting the front page at My Paradissi today; first, it somehow reminds me of my grandma's village house I grew up in (and adore) and, secondly, the yards and surroundings designed by Aiolou Architects are simply stunning. 
I love the unrefined stucco on the walls, it feels so unpretentious and welcoming, the turquoise doors and windows frame the views beautifully and the vintage country findings that decorate the interiors give a time travel twist in the place that makes it totally charming. 
I admit that, weather allows it, I'd spend the whole day, everyday, outdoors at the fantastic terraces, looking at the divine landscape views, being lazy on the chaise or devouring luscious meals under the thick straw pergola. Really, this pretty is so close to my dream house it hurts!

Sunday bliss

Sunday, March 24, 2013
Terrace with a sea view
Summer outdoor styling

Wish you a beautiful Sunday, my friends! xoxo

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Weekend inspiration

Saturday, March 23, 2013
holiday rental home
holiday rental home

Hello loves, how are you?
Spring is all over the place here and I'm finally coming to terms with my not having an outdoor space to decorate and spend time by adding a few plants on my window sills. That way I trick myself that I'm surrounded by nature plus, when they grow a bit more, they'll hide the ugly street view and absorb some of the carbon from the cars on the street. I can't wait for my bougainvillea to bloom and my basil to be big enough to smell all over the place. Promise, I'll share some photos soon.
On another note, we're having a three day weekend here in Greece (second in a row, hooray!) as we celebrate the Greek War of Independence against the Ottomans on the 25th of March. That said, it would be such a great opportunity to spent these sunny days on an Aegean island, in a villa like the above, enjoying the warm weather with long strolls by the beach and absorbing the fresh salty breeze and the invigorating smell of the blooms.
Hope you're having a great weekend, my friends! xoxo

Ready for some spring gardening? Then you might need these.

blue stool for my dream garden.

Cutest bunny topiary.

Perfect bowl for a modern rustic kitchen.

Amazing cave hotel in Italy.

So love this salvaged side table.

Radiohead and Ancient Minoan Civilization (via)

The happiest chic bed set ever.

Oh, that morning light.

Clean Monday antiquities- Celebrating in the Cretan countryside.

Serene bedrooms- Can't say no to neither one of them.

10 best: Happy pastels- Decorate with these cuties.

Just make it work: Kitchen- A small eclectic kitchen and how to make it your own.

Rustic love- Interiors with a country flair.

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Just make it work: Kitchen

Friday, March 22, 2013
Just make it work kitchen

cabinets and tilesSleek and monochrome cabinetry makes the room look bigger. The grayish shade works well with the warm natural tones of the wooden floor and accents. White subway tiles give a subtle eclectic aura and a neutral background to play with. 

Wire and rattan basketsI love these assorted baskets on top of the upper cabinets. Combine wire baskets with a burlap lining with rattan ones to add a contrasting texture and some, always needed, extra storage.

Kilim rugUse folkloric accessories to add a focal point of interest to the kitchen. This kilim rug creates the perfect country reference to this otherwise modern space plus a warmer atmosphere due to its material and colors.

Fresh plant
If you kitchen doesn't have a window or any kind of direct view to the natural outdoors, you can fake some with a fresh plant in a beautiful pot on the countertop. You can double the advantage by planting herbs but you have to make sure that there is ample daylight for them to survive. 

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Image via NY Times (via nicety).

10 best: Happy pastels

Thursday, March 21, 2013

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Folder: Outdoors

Farm greenhouse yard
I really love the simplicity of this farm greenhouse yard of Erix in Kinna, Sweden. It is this feeling that tingles me every spring, that I'd love to have a beautiful outdoor in front of my downtown apartment to step into, have a work break just to catch some sunrays and then get back inside. A vintage bench with a toss pillow or two, small trees put into rattan baskets and edible greenery planted into raised garden boxes is such a great alternative to a city balcony or terrace. Natural landscapes extending as far as the eyes can see with large trees, horses and birds would be fine too, but I don't want to get too greedy ;)

P.s. This looks like a great raised garden bed starter. Now, all I need is to find the place to put it.

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Image by Carina Olander via made in persbo.