The perfect black nightstand

Thursday, January 31, 2013

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Feel Good Photo 130131

A sparkling sky will always make me feel better..

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Image source unknown. Found via here.

White kitchen design ideas

Wednesday, January 30, 2013
White kitchen design ideas at My Paradissi
[Shop similar: leaning bookcase | tolix chair | pendant | retro toaster]

There is no doubt that the best canvas to start creating on is a white canvas. Same goes with interior design and these kitchens are her to prove it. All five of them have plain white cabinetry but, as you can see, each one has its own character defined by its decoration details. Large scale accents, like the tile floor on the first shot or an antique trestle table, can produce a more dramatic atmosphere, whereas small, colorful items strategically scattered inside the rooms, are used as peak points of attention for a unique and interesting result.
Which one of these kitchens speaks to your heart? Would you pick one of these styles for your own home?

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Quote about life

Folder: Bathroom

Tuesday, January 29, 2013
I feel rather inspired lately by reclaimed wood bathroom vanities. Like this old table transformed into a beautiful vanity with a round bowl sink and the amazing mirror hanging over it with the help of a couple of ropes. The vintage light fixture, the towel basket and the black shelves are also great finishing touches to the decor.

Image via remodelista.

Lovintage finds

Kathy's shop on etsy, Lovintage Finds, is packed with vintage goodies for the home with a rustic and sometimes industrial essence, exactly my cup of tea, that is. It's noteworthy that some of the listings are her creations, like the burlap pouf, which I totally fell in love with. 

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Feel Good Photo 130128

Monday, January 28, 2013

I'd love to get lost in these streets, smelling the flowers, feeling the vibe..

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Sunday bliss

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Wish you a beautiful Sunday, my friends =) xoxo

Image credits:
1.Bethany Nauert, 2.Schuyler Samperton

Inspire the weekend

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Hello my friends, how are you?
It has started to look like winter again here, with the rain and the cold and all such things, and the strolls under the sun will once again turn into cozy moments next to a burning fireplace, on a sheepskin rug with a heart-filling cup of cocoa and good company. Maybe, a fulfilling dinner at a cozy restaurant would be a blissful treat this weekend. I love being in warm, protected indoors that smell of delicious recipes being prepared, while hearing the roaring wind and the pouring outside. But then, who wouldn't like such thing?
Hope you're having a beautiful weekend! xoxo

Have your home office even in the smallest of spaces.

Who could tell that snowflakes are that whimsical up close.

Knit bomb your place.

Love this dining table..

..and these chairs to match.

A dreamy b&b for the summer holidays.

Love this modern nightstand.

Plant your succulents in tiny eggshell pots.

Mouthwatering clementine cake recipe. Yum.

Amazing suitcase writing armoire.

Sunday bliss- Mid-winter blooms under the sun.

Song Saa Private Island- Beam me up Scottie pronto!

Neutral and serene bedrooms- Cushy elegance and subtle glam.

The perfect industrial lamp- Looking for one? Start here.

Bedroom overload- Crisp and comfortable bedroom inspiration.

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Image credits:
1.Mikkel Adsbøl via the style files, 2.home and cottage

Folder: Bedroom

Friday, January 25, 2013
This bedroom belongs to one of my favorite, most picturesque hotels in Greece, San Giorgio in Mykonos. In case you've missed it (hard, cause its all around the internet for quite a time now) you have to see the whole thing here.

Image via remodelista.

DIY: Confetti pillowcase

I'm a fan of plain ol' white bedding. I must confess, however, that I love to decorate my basic bed setting with some patterned pillows and throws, like florals, stripes and polka dots, just to create a more playful atmosphere. I'll be trying out this diy by Joy of frock files on to a pair of white pillowcases of mine (I.own.a.lot. you know) for sure. If you want to try it for yourselves as well, see the tutorial at you are my fave.

P.s. If you are a fan of confetti dots on fabrics, you should check out this diy as well!

The perfect industrial desk lamp

Thursday, January 24, 2013

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Wednesday, January 23, 2013
You must try to generate happiness within yourself..

Neutral and serene bedrooms

[Shop similar: wall lamp | nightstand | floral pillow]

Today's selection has to do with cushy elegance, subtle glam and serene, super-soft bedrooms. Neutral hues on a white canvas, wooden furniture with a vintage and partly rustic attitude and a bed styling to splurge on. I can go on and on about all those layered textures, the delicate difference of ecru and ivory shades, the surprise elements that add a playful contrast to the decor, but you have to see for yourselves. Enjoy my friends! xoxo

Folder: Bathroom

Tuesday, January 22, 2013
I just love this clawfoot tub by Catchpole & Rye. I also love the french country styling of the shooting, that enhances the playful elegance of the tub and makes the room lustworthy!

Image via easy living.

Worley's Lighting

I'm in love with the Worley's Lighting creations; rustic inspired lamps with reclaimed materials, a vintage essence paired with industrial uniqueness and lots of imagination. Oh please, I can literally find a hundred spots inside my house to place their creations. Amazing!

Book ends ($70)

Feel Good Photo 130121

Monday, January 21, 2013

I found this little goat on the table hilarious and I just had to share it with you. Mixing rural and domestic life is something I've been thinking about a lot lately, I guess this shot proves they can get along quite humorously, don't you think?

Image by Quentin Bacon via Houzz.

Song Saa Private Island, Cambodia

It's time for some distant travel daydreaming..
When I stumbled upon these photos of the Song Saa resort in Koh Rong archipelago in Cambodia, I found myself having a hard time returning to my working tasks. My brain, just like a thirsty guy at the desert, couldn't get enough of these fresh, invigorating and deeply relaxing images of this earthy heaven. They brought peace and calmness into my soul just by looking at them; I can't even start to imagine what a real life experience would probably get me.
I hope you enjoy them as much as I did and that they bring you a vibrant start to a healthy new week! xoxo

Sunday bliss

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Some shots I took yesterday of winter plants finding they way through cold but extremely pleasant sunshine. I hope your Sunday is a great one! xoxo

Inspire the weekend

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Hello my friends, how are you?
Are you as eager as me for this weekend? The sun is shining over here after a rainy night, which makes a perfect excuse for some outdoor excursion. I miss the smell of fresh, moist grass and the sparkles of sun on the still wet tree leaves. That said, I'm leaving you with a couple of bright and welcoming interiors to get you dreaming of cloudless days and longer daytime hours. Don't you just love that pink velvet pillow on the crisp linens and the mini floral bathrobes below?
Wish you a beautiful weekend, whatever your plans are! xoxo

The perfect crisp bed set.

A beautiful e-zine about the life in Crete.

I love this super cute kiddo bathrobe!

What type are you?

Would you stay off of new stuff for a whole year? 

A modern dining table..

..and a modern chandelier to match.

A deliciously healthy recipe I have to try out.

Let's have brunch here.

The trick to stay flu-less this winter.

Apartment in Bromma, Sweden- Scandinavian simplicity at its best.

Easy-going living rooms- Bright and welcoming spots in the house.

Weekly finds: The gray sofa- Looking for the perfect gray sofa? Start here.

A stroll around Rethymno, Crete- Beautiful meditteranean aura.

Cool in the dining room- Bluish shades and intriguing dining spots.

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Image credits:
1.Donna Griffith for Style At Home via bliss blog, 2.Matthew Williams via House to Home