Thursday, December 12, 2013

For your Christmas reading

Magazine reading © Kumiko Ishigaki

I know most of you are avid blog readers (obviously) so you're probably want to extend your holiday inspiration a bit more. Free online publications are flourishing these days and they are a great alternative, or more precisely, a complementary reading to your favorite blogs. I have 3 beautiful online magazines to share with you today and prompt you to flip through their pages for I'm sure you're gonna love them as much as I did!

Adore Home Magazine, home of Michelle Halford
Adore Home magazine, french macarons with salted nut caramel recipe

Adore Home magazine


Country: Australia

In a sentence: Happy vibes from a country that celebrates Christmas in the heat of the summer. 

My picks: The amazing home of Michelle Halford decorated for Christmas (top) and these delicious french macarons with salted nut caramel recipe (bottom).

Read it here.

NIB Hjemme magazine, The living room of Lene Rosseland Sømme of Sommerjenten
NIB Hjemme magazine, the kitchen of Linn Vikra Heimtun of Home by Linn

NIB Hjemme magazine


Country: Norway

In a sentence: The epitome of scandinavian design in the everyday living of well-known bloggers, sprinkled with doses of holiday spirit. The magazine is in norwegian but definitely worthy to check it out for the sake of the photography.

My picks: The living room of Lene Rosseland Sømme of Sommerjenten (top) and the kitchen of Linn Vikra Heimtun of Home by Linn (bottom).

Read it here.

4 by fryd magazine, Christmas decorations in Jeanette Lunde's home
4 by fryd magazine, small trees planted in pretty bowls for a natural holiday decor

4 by fryd magazine 


Country: Norway

In a sentence: This magazine, creation of the visual poet Jeanette Lunde, cannot but travel you to whimsical northern lands of design and style. 

My picks: Subtle Christmas decorations in Jeanette's home (top) and small trees planted in pretty bowls for a natural holiday decor (bottom).

Read it here.

Do you read online magazines? Which one is your favorite?

Join the fun

Top image by Kumiko Ishigaki via here.


  1. Adore looks fantastic! I subscribe to a few magazines but I don't have any home decor magazines. I should definitely check these out.

  2. So far I have read the first one (Michelle's home is a true eye candy, isn't it?) and the last one (I'm always really excited when new BY FRYD comes out) and NIB Hjemme will be my treat for this weekend, if I dare to wait that long! :)

  3. Thanks for this great list, Eleni!!! I love online publications, so I'm definitely adding these to my daily reading list! xo

  4. Thanks Eleni - so glad you liked our home in Adore! I can't wait to read NIB Hjemme - thanks for the intro. BY FRYD is just lovely isn't it? x x


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