Saturday, November 2, 2013

Weekend countdown

Cozy country scene in the home of Kara Rosenlund
Faux fur throw and an eclectic bedroom decor via Lonny

5 links to inspire
 The fruit we Cretans swear by (or at least should).
 Partying on the roof.
 Who are these bloggers?
 Check out these amazing gifs.
 This apartment.

4 links to shop
 Beautiful beautiful cute retro side table.
 These artisan wooden salad spoons.
 Not for playing nesting dolls.
 So love this little rustic crate cart!

3 post from this week
 A fresh modern apartment in Melbourne.
 This casual scandinavian kitchen.
 Imaging the ideal lazy morning routine.

2 images for visual inspiration
  Top: Cozy country scene in the home of Kara Rosenlund.
∾ Bottom: I'm a sucker for anything soft and cozy and this faux fur throw is just my thing!

1 post to remember
 Home office inspiration.

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