Tuesday, November 19, 2013

ETSY MIX: Golden jars

Golden hand painted mason jars via #etsy

Admittedly, I'm starting to get inspired by the forthcoming holiday season. And that was quite obvious to me while spending time on Etsy yesterday, picking my favorite products for today's post. My eyes laid on anything glittery and gold. I already have an affection for this warm and glam metal and now it only gets worse! After gathering tons of handmade golden beauties I decided I needed a concept to help me narrow down the choices to 5. So, here it is; golden hand painted mason jars, with various painting approaches, to decorate your kitchen shelves (or your desktop for that matter).

Shop this collection: 1.Gold and glitter mason jar wedding centerpiece, set of 5 (Lexie's Shop, $35), 2.Gold painted vintage Ball mason jar (Old Fangled Finds, $6.50), 3.Gold dipped mason jars, set of 10 (Tasteful Tatters, $50), 4.Bright white gold glitter mason jar (Jess Cath Designs, $7.85), 5.Gold painted Ball mason jars, set of 3 (Beach Blues, $21).

P.s. My Paradissi now has its own Etsy page! There you will find all my favorite handmade and vintage items in all sorts of curated boards (just like pinterest). See it here.

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  1. I love the gold and glam too. Very nice!

  2. i'm so always in love with those! picture 1 makes the jars look just perfect!


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