Weekend countdown

Saturday, October 26, 2013
Can outdoor be that cozy? ©Nicole Franzen
The home of Julie Pointer ©Laura Dart via Design Sponge

5 links to inspire
 This succulent potted plant is actually a cake.
 Great blogging tips in Angel's series. A must read.
∾ So much talk about it lately. Whatever, Martha.
 Autumn in Paris.
 Love this bright home.

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 A rose gold lamp? Yes, please!
 The amazing pendant lamp from last weekend's post.
 Stunned by this rug.
 If only I had room in my kitchen for this workbench island.

3 post from this week
 An elegant black and white apartment in Cannes.
 This sunny mediterranean garden in Crete.
 5 long bathroom ideas.

2 images for visual inspiration
  Top: Really want to see what's going on in there! (photo by Nicole Franzen)
∾ Bottom: Chilling out weekend time (photo by Laura Dart)

1 post to remember
 A modern country house in the heart of Spain.

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2 comments on "Weekend countdown"
  1. really love that second picture...looks so cozy like I could spend alot of time there daydreaming.

  2. Eleni, thank you so much for linking back to my post! Love this roundup.