Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Living room mezzanine ©James Stokes

Now, here's a spot that wakes up the child in me. I so want to climb up on this petite mezzanine, located in this amazing home in the Netherlands, and pretend that I'm the princess to a spell bounded fortress, hidden in the high tower, waiting for the prince to come to the rescue. Well, maybe I'd just spend long hours with my laptop on pinterest (here's for being honest) but that's ok too I guess ;)

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Image by James Stokes via VT Wohnen.


  1. I love the rug and the cushions - I can't help my kilim love:-)

  2. Very cozy home.
    Prince will reach your chateau,don' worry.:)

  3. What a killer living room! I love the contrast of the white walls and vibrant kilim rug. The rug really grounds the palette of the room. The mezzanine is an awesome, cozy touch to the room also.

  4. What a cosy looking room! And that mezzanine is a perfect retreat for reading (or browsing pinterest ;-)


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