5 long bathroom ideas

Friday, October 25, 2013
My Paradissi | 5 long bathroom ideas

When it comes to bathroom designing, first thing to consider is, obviously, the architecture of the room. Long bathrooms with a narrow, rectangular shape are a common find in many interiors and often a challenge to the designer. That is because the space literally dictates the positioning of the various fixtures, as there is little or no room to play around with them. What we usually see is an aligned position of the sink(s) and the toilet while the shower or bathtub is fitted in the narrow end wall. I have 5 brilliant long bathroom examples to show you, where, although the placement is more or less the same, the design choices of the materials and fixtures are what actually make the difference.

5 long bathroom ideas | Linda Bergroth

Above: I'm head over heels for this bathroom designed by Linda Bergroth. Starting with the main design elements, one can't ignore the amazing floor tiles that complement the sleek subway tiles on the walls, the industrial lighting fixtures and the danish console serving as a vanity. But it's definitely more to that; the whole design idea is wonderful. The bathroom is divided into two parallel zones, one on the right, with the toilet and the vanity, and a built-in bathtub and a sauna (!) on the right. A subtle, almost invisible, shower is located on the far end. See more photos of this bathroom here.

5 long bathroom ideas |  Feldman Architects ©Paul Dyer and Joe Fletcher

Above: Bathroom suites come in all kinds of styles and shapes, so it's really easy to pick one to match your aesthetics. The squared sinks and tub of this bathroom, designed by Feldman Architects, add up to the modern sleek vibe of the room and look really great with the wooden surfaces and the black floor tiles. (photo by Paul Dyer and Joe Fletcher)

5 long bathroom ideas | Ranch of Ellen Degeneres in Santa Monica ©William Abramowicz

Above: Natural materials add warmth and coziness to any given room. Same goes with the design of a bathroom and this one in the ranch of Ellen Degeneres in Santa Monica is the perfect showcase. The impressive limestone stone tub matches the countertop and the wooden cabinet and floor. The vintage chair and stool, as well as the dark art on the wall and the black fixtures, complete a chic modern country look. (photo by William Abramowicz)

5 long bathroom ideas | Techne

Above: Here's another smart idea. An open shower placed right before the bathtub and separated by the aligned toilet and vanity with a clear glass. That way the bathroom stays open and airy but still holds the double quality of both bathing and showering at the same spot. The black floor and the sleek surfaces add depth to the room. Bathroom designed by Techne.

5 long bathroom ideas | Bathroom of Ali Cane ©Brittany Ambridge via domino

Above: Lastly but not least, we have the incredibly gorgeous bathroom of Ali Cayne in Manhattan. Golden fixtures, subway tiles, wooden floors and an amazing black clawfoot tub, all co-existing harmoniously in an understated glamorous high ceiling room. Call me spoiled, but I'd totally add heat towel rails in this bathroom as well. Is there anything more luxurious than a hot cushy towel waiting for you after shower? (photo by Brittany Ambridge via domino)

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  1. Hi,Eleni.
    Thank you for the interesting article.
    #1.I like the floor tiles of the first bathroom.I just think that the toilet should be after a vanity.
    #3 The third bathroom are really perfect.It's good idea bathroom without tiles.

    Have a nice weekend.

  2. That 3D floor is amazing, I have not seen that one before. Great article!

  3. Great article. The bathroom tiles look fantastic in the first pic. I like really modern styles but with a twist of elegance.

  4. The bathroom designed with golden fixtures, subway tiles, wooden floors and an amazing black claw foot tub, all co-existing harmoniously in an understated glamorous high ceiling room. All this can add up to change the overall look of the bathroom. With these facilities the elders can easily walk in showers without any difficulty.

  5. I am currently in the process of moving into a new house and i am so stuck with styles for each room! The bathroom really is a hard one to crack too, as i am wanting everything modern, but they usually come with a hefty price tag for all the mod con's! Grr!

  6. There is some great examples of fantastic looking work there thanks for sharing these.