White bathroom tiles

Thursday, September 19, 2013
White bathroom tiles with dark joints ©Dos Family

If someone told me that there'll be a day that I'd be posting about white tiles with dark joints I'd probably laugh (out loud). Geez, that sounds like the definition of bad (boring) taste, I'd reply. But then, like the way all things happen nowadays, I came across some very inspiring bathrooms bearing such walls and I totally changed my mind. I find the contrasting joints to create a sophisticated geometrical pattern that matches the neo retro attitude that's been trending these days. This, along with the sleek almost shiny white tile surface, become the ideal background to play with vintage accessories in warm brass and wooden hues and art pieces that reference to older ages. Plus, they are easy to find in rented apartments, so one should better find a way to make amends with them rather than curse each and every time they visit the bathroom. Enough facts already to embrace such design. Or not? What do you think?
White bathroom tiles with dark joints ©Sean Fennessy
White bathroom tiles with dark joints ©Michael Graydon
White bathroom tiles with dark joints ©J. Ingerstedt
White bathroom tiles with dark joints ©Franne Voigt

P.s. Such tiles work equally great in a kitchen. Also,  more white tiles bathroom inspiration here, here and there. Oh, and this wall!

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Image credits:
1.Dos Family, 2.Sean Fennessy via The Design Files, 3.Michael Graydon via House and Home, 4.J. Ingerstedt, 5.Franne Voigt
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