Tuesday, September 3, 2013

ETSY MIX: Old school

Old school vintage and handmade shopping ideas from #etsy #vintage

School will be starting in a week here in Greece. I totally miss this optimistic feeling of a fresh beginning with all the promises of a fascinating life that carries with it. I'd be a old school lady if I had to start all over again and pick vintage and handmade for my supplies. Actually, a couple (ahem, all) of the things above would be perfect for my new home office too.

Shop this collection: 1.Vintage mid century desk lamp (Ethanolie, $45), 2.Vintage industrial metal card catalog (Vintage Treehouse, $34), 3.Vintage 3d gas station sign letters (The Wild Plum, $6), 4.English gray hanging chalkboard (Utopia Home&Garden, $51.84), 5.Post war vintage world globe (CathodeBlue, $145).

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  1. I love this post, Eleni! I agree with you, I really miss that feeling of the start of a brand new semester - filled with so many opportunities, beginnings, a fresh start. I find that my year goes by in a blur now that I don't have the start of school semesters to remind me what part of the year I'm in! haha! Anyway, I am so in love with these old school product finds - I want them all! They bring a really good sense of nostalgia for my elementary school days :)



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