Tuesday, September 24, 2013

ETSY MIX: Misty walk

#etsy style board by myparadissi.com

Same thing goes on every year around here; although we're officially into fall a couple of days now and, there is a hint of cool weather in the air, Greece is still under a sunny summer vail. I really miss the rain and the smell of the freshly wet ground and I keep playing fall tunes with a dire wish that cozy darker skies will soon come along. I also put together Etsy style boards with a misty feeling, just like this one above, and soak in all the muted colors and the moody textures =)

Shop this collection: 1.On the way to Kashmir mountain photography (M Chiu Shop, $30), 2.Extra wide infinity scarf (Theorium, $28.95), 3.Driftwood feathers print (River Luna, $20), 4.Vintage enamel mug (Lovintagefinds, $12), 5.Small birch house (2of2, $39.50).

P.s. You can catch up with my etsy finds here and see the whole collection of my etsy favorites here.

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  1. Lovely stuff!


  2. I love Etsy and those feather prints and rocks are just beautiful.

    Ali of Dressing Ken

  3. There's a really cosy vibe to all those products you've selected. They almost seem to tell a story of coming home to a welcoming hot chocolate after a bracing autumnal walk :-)


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