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10 fancy toilet decorating ideas

10 fancy toilet decorating ideas via Nuevo Estilo

When we talk about design, with ought to talk about design in every itsy bitsy spot of the house. Although we've seen beautiful bathrooms decorated in all sorts of styles (check rustic, romantic, industrial, happy, nautical, eclectic) and we thoroughly discussed about bathroom walls, tiles, bathtubs, showers, sinks and storage, we left the toilet part out of the conversation. Truthfully, it's not the most delicate thing to chat about but needs our design attention equally if not more than all the other corners of the house due to its, let's face it, not that attractive nature. I've gathered a bunch of inspiring photos for that matter, where the focal point is the toilet, the flush and the walls around. Promise, they're prettier than you'll ever imagine ;)

10 fancy toilet decorating ideas via Lonny

Above: A geometrical wallpaper is sure to transform your wc. The symmetry of the pattern makes this super narrow space look bigger. Love the solo art print over the toilet.

10 fancy toilet decorating ideas via Kohler

Above: Adding some recessed shelves over your toilet during the building/renovation process can prove to be a great idea. Just think of all the extra storage and styling options there.

10 fancy toilet decorating ideas rustic bathroom

Above: How amazing is this rustic bathroom? Just look at the vintage flush covered with a petite curtain, similar to the bathtub one. So cute!

10 fancy toilet decorating ideas © Rachel Denbow

Above: Rachel used two reclaimed wooden crates as shelves over her toilet and a wire mesh basket to store the toilet paper.

10 fancy toilet decorating ideas © Color me Carla

Above: This one is just a part of the amazing bathroom renovation of Carla. Check out the rest of her amazing work here.

10 fancy toilet decorating ideas © Design Sponge
10 fancy toilet decorating ideas © Sweet Thing

Above: Take advantage of your flush and use it as an extra shelf. Use a tray (or a book for that matter ;) to group decoratives, candles, toiletry and such. Don't forget to add a plant of flower vase for an instant fresh touch.

10 fancy toilet decorating ideas © Alexander White

Above and below: Why not treat the wall behind your toilet as an art gallery? You can just play with a few of your favorite art prints or create a statement room, just like below.

10 fancy toilet decorating ideas © Design Sponge

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  1. Νομίζω θα διάλεγα μια από τις δύο πρώτες!

  2. Λάτρεψα την πρώτη και την έκτη με το όμορφο ράφι πάνω από την τουαλέτα!

  3. Oh la la what a fun and chic toilet :)))
    Love the splash of yellow on the first toilet.But the one with the brisck is my absolute favourite.Would definetely NOT mind having a similar :)))
    Tovehugs :)

  4. I like the last one a lot but can't help it, the rug doesn't fit in there in my opinion. Am I becoming picky on hygiene issues? Because as far as I know, I like kilims...

  5. love the last one - not just because of the kilim but also the lovely oversized prints on the wall!

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  7. what product is that large black polygon floor tile?

  8. The collections of bathroom design is really fancy and sophisticated. Great job putting this together. Thanks!


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