10 creative bedside tables

Wednesday, September 18, 2013
Creative bedside table ©Amelle Habib

A nightstand is one of those design elements inside a house that serve more of a function than a decorative vanity. And I kind of learnt that the hard way. I've been wearing glasses since I remember myself but happened to grow in a bedroom with no bedside table (don't ask why; stupid but that a fact). It was a mere revelation to realise that I actually could keep my glasses on a surface other than the floor and not wake up in fear that I'd might step on them or in best case scenario kick the way under my bed and act like a monkey to reach them out. Anyway, that's just a short funny story that brought me a little closer to what a well designed space means and that some furniture are actually there for a reason. Now, as a grown up lady I swear by my little bedside table where I always keep my current reading books, a glass of water and my mobile/alarm clock along with my pair of glasses; all the necessary stuff for a good nights sleep that is. 
And that being said, here's some inspiration about pretty and creative nightstands.

Creative bedside table  via Apartment Therapy
Creative bedside table  ©Eve Wilson

Above: Love these stools used as bedside tables (image credits: Apartment Therapy, Eve Wilson via The Design Files)
Creative bedside table  ©Saryn Cairns
Creative bedside table ©Marjon Hoogervorst
Creative bedside table ©Jenny Brandt

 Above: A vintage chair that can no longer be used as a seat is a great alternative to a typical nightstand. (image credits: Saryn Cairns via HomelifeMarjon Hoogervorst, Jenny Brandt via Emmas Designblogg)

Creative bedside table ©Old Brand New

Above: The airy tip dyed west elm table in Dabito's bedroom looks perfect next to the dark wood bed headboard.

Creative bedside table  © CB&J

Above: You can always diy your nightstand. How cute is this one made by CB&J.

Creative bedside table  ©Adrienne Nicole Breaux
Creative bedside table  ©Papa Stour

Above: Don't be afraid to use colors in the bedroom. A happy colored nightstands can help you do so. (image credits: Adrienne Nicole Breaux, Papa Stour)

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Top image by Amelle Habib via homelife.

4 comments on "10 creative bedside tables"
  1. I love nr. 2 and I have something like nr. 7.
    Most use it for my books and magazines....and of course some flowers.
    And yes, also for my glasses :)

  2. Love each and every one of these. Great post!

  3. Τα βιβλία είναι οι πρωταγωνιστές στις περισσότερες φωτογραφίες. Κι έλεγα ότι μόνο εγώ έχω τη μανία!

  4. it seems I am not alone in using a chair as a bedside table - although try as i might there is always 'stuff' on my bedside table that shouldn't be there!