Saturday, August 31, 2013

Weekend countdown

Cozy scandinavian living room via stadshem
All white bedroom with fireplace via Jane Cumberbatch's Pure Style photo ©Rachel Whiting

5 links to inspire
 Holly's tips on personal style, design and inspiration (via decor8).
 This rustic house in France (via LatteLisa).
 Subway tile is back on track (via The Interior Collective).
 I die for risotto. Especially this one (via Pratos & Travessas).
 Bold green kitchen cabinetry is fun (via Apartment Therapy).

4 links to shop
 This is not your average dining table.
 This storage cabinet.
 This amazing gilded tray table.
 These lace trim kitchen towels.

3 post from this week
 A neo rustic home in rural France.
 Why this eclectic kitchen works so well.
 10 of the coziest window seats around.

2 images for visual inspiration
  Top: This cozy scandinavian living room is so inspiring.
∾ Bottom: An all white bedroom with fireplace; yes, please! (photo by Rachel Whiting)

1 post to remember
 Into the mood of falling leaves.

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  1. These interiors are amazing (especially that first photo's windows!). That rustic country home is so SO beautiful. Have a fantastic weekend, Eleni!


  2. white bedroom with fire place, I couldn't ask for more!


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