Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Rustic kitchen sinks

Rustic kitchen sink ©Fabrizio Cicconi for Elle Decoration

There is something very inspiring in old, country style kitchen sinks, don't you agree? Maybe a grandmother preparing a soul soothing dinner somewhere around the corner or all those memories that the natural materials bare by themselves. Either way I find them fascinating and probably I'll have my own to wash the dishes in my future dream cottage ^^

Rustic kitchen sink ©Nicolas Matheus for Maisons Cote' Sud
Rustic kitchen sink ©Made in Persbo
Rustic kitchen sink ©Vangelis Paterakis
Rustic kitchen sink ©Stephen Clement for Maisons Cote' Sud

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Image credits:
1.Fabrizio Cicconi for Elle Decoration (via greige), 2.Nicolas Matheus for Maisons Cote' Sud via aesthetically thinking, 3.Made in Persbo, 4.Vangelis Paterakis (via a previous post), 5.Stephen Clement for Maisons Cote' Sud via aesthetically thinking


  1. Lindas, ameis essas pias antigas. Por aqui não temos pias assim. Uma bela inspiração.
    Tenha um ótimo dia.

  2. Beautiful inspiration, Eleni! Love all of these kitchens. That last one is simply adorable.

  3. Love most of these sinks .. but truly number two .. is a nightmare. A friend has one. I constantly hit my hands hard on the bottom as it is SO shallow, some things are made so much harder to clean ... and I have broken several glasses and cups etc .. automatically putting things 'further down' than the bottom actually IS!! And no ... you don't seem to get used to it !!! lol!!


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