ETSY MIX: Neutrals

Tuesday, August 27, 2013
Neutral shades #etsy finds by

I'm quite attracted to neutral shades lately. I miss the serenity of white, soft grays and beiges in my apartment to the point I'm thinking of getting rid of all the dark hues on my home walls and just paint them all in a plain ol' white. Before that, here's some soothing inspiration I came across on Etsy lately.

Shop this collection: 1.Single white sea urchin planter (Sea and Asters, $10), 2.Wood textile stamp flower 281 (TATA Indian Wood Stamps, $14.50), 3.Four mugs without handles (Julia Paul Pottery, $100), 4.Elderly couple fabric dolls (Timo Handmade, $70), 5.Orla in fog cushion cover (Skinny LaMinx, $38)

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3 comments on "ETSY MIX: Neutrals"
  1. Loving those mugs! :)

    I discovered your blog via Pinterest, loving it!


  2. Really loving all your picks, especially those mugs and fabric dolls!!