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Friday, August 23, 2013
Art for your wall ©Prue Ruscoe

There is a confession I have to make to you, my friends. I have a really hard time to pick art for my walls. I find it a lot more easier to suggest art pieces and photography to my clients, to curate inspiring boards for the blog even to pick some pieces that would look swell in my apartment but that's about all. I never take that leap of actually buying an art piece. And, that makes my walls empty and my eyes sad. You know, it is so hard when you are continuously surrounded by pretty things to commit yourself into one or two that will stay with you for a long time and keep you company on your lonely days from the walls of your abode. That said, take with me a small trip to the emotions of beautifully curated art on home walls.

I feel a tad jealous of the amazing results a single statement piece or a collection of perfectly matching ones can do. Plain decoration, simple furnishings and neutral shades can get a whole new life when a painting is involved.

Art for your wall ©Fantastic Frank
Art for your wall ©Kristian Septimus Krogh

How great it is when art is combined with literature, book collections crammed in a ceiling high bookcase. Makes the space looks so sophisticated and warm!

Art for your wall ©Sidney Morning Herald
Art for your wall ©Morten Germund
Art for your wall ©Karen Dinesen

And then, it's not all about famous artists and unaffordable price tags. Collections of favorite things, magazine cutouts, young independent artists and vintage finds can create a totally fabulous result.

Art for your wall via IKEA Family Live
Art for your wall via Saatchi Online

Oil paintings credits (clockwise): Luciana Levinton, Frederic Belaubre, Thomas Saliot, Neil Williams, Sara Zin. You can find all these amazing oil paintings for sale at Saatchi online. 

More inspiration for your wall: Laura Bifano, Paper Collective, this diy embossing design project, Erin Tyner, Roberta Pinna

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Image credits:
1.Prue Ruscoe, 2.Fantastic Frank, 3.Kristian Septimus Krogh via flickr, 4.Sidney Morning Herald via flickr, 5.Morten Germund via Berlingske, 6.Karen Dinesen via Femina, 7.IKEA Family Live
6 comments on "Art for your wall"
  1. Πράγματι είναι δύσκολο να επιλέγεις έργα τέχνης. Δίνουν όμως ζεστασιά στο χώρο και αποκαλύπτουν έναν οικοδεσπότη με προσωπικότητα, δεν συμφωνείς?

  2. I am a sucher for art. My latest buy was a cute little watercolour illustration - actually from a Greek artist from the island of Spetses. It's on my blog today:-) Filakia!

  3. I have the same problem. It has taken me two years to hang something in my livingroom and now it's an empty frame wall. I just can't decide what to put in the frames... well at least I have the frames, right?

  4. Obsessed! This is exactly how I decorate my walls.

  5. Same problem here. I'm searching for art that would fit my walls and me for years now and the walls are still empty. I have allways an eye of the gallerys around the town and my next visit will be the affordable art fair ( again. Always good art to mostly affordable prices.

  6. I'm search for art that would fit my walls and me for years now and the walls are still empty. I have always an eye of the galleries around the town and my next visit will be the reasonable art fair again.