Monday, July 15, 2013

Paper Collective

The Marten by Morten Løfberg graphic design poster #art #graphicdesign
Whale Reprise by Greg Eason graphic design poster #art #graphicdesign
Al Niqab Al Hamra by Emilie Imán graphic design poster #art #graphicdesign

How about buying a cool graphic design illustration poster and serve a good cause at the same time? Paper Collective has a great collection of artworks by artists throughout the world and every time a purchase is being made a small amount of that money is donated to a picked cause or charity. Can't think of a better way to decorate my walls, can you?

The Marten by Morten Løfberg (€40)
Whale Reprise by Greg Eason (€40)
Al Niqab Al Hamra by Emilie Imán (€40)

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  1. I am a notorious illustrations shopper - my only problem: limited wall space! Great selection, Eleni! Kali evdomada!


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