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Saturday, June 8, 2013
Carlos Aparicio's pool
Cool and fresh dining room

Hello my friends, how are you?
This weekend I'm heading to the southern of Crete for some sunbathing and swimming into the still chilly (but crystal clear) sea waters. I'm also going to visit the real Paradissi, for which I can't even begin to tell you how exciting I am ;) I planning to practice my photography skills a bit more and, on top of that, completely switch off any other electronic devices. There is no internet connection where I'm going so this wont be hard. I think my brain starts to get burnt out but the overwhelming amount of information I'm getting each day through the net, which there is no time for my mind to process and absorb. I've read somewhere (see, I cannot even remember where or what) that the tremendous amount of superficial information we fill our heads with is gradually making us a dumb generation. That's pretty scary, don't you think?
Anyway, it's the weekend now. Let's have some fun! xoxo

This made me laugh.

10 ways to live with less.

A cool bohemian home.

This shower curtain.

How to manage internet overwhelm.

This buddha head planter.

Amazing house in Sardinia.

I completely adore these funny hangers.

Zebra print dinnerware? Oh, yeah..

This video of a miniature Athens.

Eclectic house in Heraklion, Crete- Shooting the home of a dear friend.

Fresh bedrooms- Oh, those small luxuries in life..

Chromata Hotel in Santorini- Breathtaking view of the Aegean Archipelago.

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Image credits:
1.Richard Powers via Elle Decor, 2.Tara Pearce via Est magazine issue 9
4 comments on "Weekend inspiration"
  1. Ugh, so lucky! I hope you have a blast and take tons of photos! :D

    Mostly Lisa

  2. I can't wait wait to check out these links. Have fun in Crete and take lots of pics!!!!!!

  3. Για μια θέση στην πισίνα!

  4. Τέλεια!! Καλά να περάσεις!! Μια γωνίτσα στην πισίνα πολύ θα την ήθελα!!