Tuesday, May 28, 2013

TR2 the rooms (and exciting news!)

Eclectic traditional greek house design by George Carabellas of TR2
Eclectic traditional greek house design by George Carabellas of TR2

The amazing floor tiles in this small greek patio are my way to announce to you, dearest friends, my new blog called Grecian Paradise.
After blogging here at My Paradissi for almost 3 years now, I felt it was high time I did something extra that will be completely dedicated to my country, Greece. I created a blog where I'll be hosting greek design, photography, places and spaces, food, music traditions and ways to have fun on this little Mediterranean country. Read more about its purpose here.
Don't worry, My Paradissi will continue its daily inspirational trips, just as usual, only from now on it will have a little brother, a greek one, and walk down the street hand in hand.

As for this patio, visit Grecian Paradise to find more of its whereabouts and how to visit it ;)

Find My Paradissi on

Images via TR2.


  1. Fabulous news!!! I can't wait to follow Grecian Paradise!

  2. I'm so excited for you! I will definitely be following Grecian Paradise! :)

  3. καλοταξιδο το νεο σου blog !!!!!

  4. What a wonderful idea :) ... wish you good luck with your new project. :)
    hugs from prague,

  5. Great news! I'm visiting Greece for the first time this September (so excited!!!) and I'll definitely be following your new blog for some travel inspiration.

  6. Such exciting news! I am glad for you and I'm sure the new blog will rock. Best of luck :)

  7. Ωραια πλακάκια... μεγειες το νεο blog!


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