Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Neo-rustic bathroom

Bathroom renovation
Bathroom renovation

You, my beloved followers, must be well aware by now that I adore rustic design, yet even more when incorporated in contemporary homes and styled. So, this post is no surprise to you, right? Old, country inspired accents, often used or distressed, can become your best friends when trying to add a vintage touch into your house. A bathroom, in particular, is a great place inside your home to have a go on this style as it is usually small and with particular needs to manage.

If you're in a mood (or on a budget) of completely renovating your bathroom, then you have a great deal of options ahead of you to choose. I definitely vote for built-in cabinetry with a vessel sink made of  metal or stone, a vintage faucet and a clawfut tub. For tighter spaces you can opt for an open space shower instead of the tub. Use natural shaded materials for the walls and floor, like stucco (you can find waterproof solutions especially made for wet spaces in a hardware store) or ceramic tiles.

Accessorizing is what makes a boring and lifeless bathroom into a stylish room. So, even if you're not in the mood of a complete renovation, pay attention to the details. Add a ladder, leaning on the wall, and use it as a towel hanger. A handmade wooden stool is not only practical but also a great reference to country style. So are rattan baskets and hampers in various sizes. Don't forget to use towels and linens with a rustic touch, they complete the design. Keep in mind that styling doesn't have to be stiff, your needs and everyday rituals are the ones that will tell you what exactly do you need in your space.

Bathroom renovation
Bathroom renovation

P.s. Tips on creating a refined rustic atmosphere in your living room.

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  1. Stunning bathrooms, I find rustic style bathrooms work particularly well in warm climates where stone flooring keeps you cool underfoot.

  2. Love whiteness and wood combination!


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