Just make it work: Dining room

Wednesday, April 17, 2013
Ethnic room design

Keep a simple palette for a refined modern ethnic style. Let the natural beige and brown shades be interrupted only by blacks and whites. Think the same way with styling; a minimal approach with basic accents, like a bowl or a plant, is all that is needed for a fresh take on this style.

You can use ledge stone to cover a wall and leave the other walls empty and white. The stone you pick should be as plain and monochromatic as possible to act like a subtle background and let the eye rest.

Add texture that will create an interesting visual effect while contrasting with the sleek surfaces. The natural pendants, the stone on the walls and the animal print rug work perfectly well with the polished wooden floor and the white walls.

Pick your furniture carefully. A sturdy wooden rustic table serves as the statement centerpiece of the room. The chairs provide a handmade easiness that makes the design look more understated and friendly.

An animal print rug will give the desirable country touch to the decoration plus add a interesting pattern on the floor. It doesn't need to be the real thing, of course, a fake one would do perfectly well.

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